10 Products for a Baby-safe Home  

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Here are some simple devices that can help in preventing child accidents:

1. Safety Latches

Cost of a safety latch: USD $2.

Use safety latches to prevent children from accessing medicines, household cleaners and sharp objects. When purchasing a latch, ensure that it is sturdy enough to withstand pulls and tugs from children. It should be easy for adults to install and use.

2. Door Knob Covers

Cost of a door knob cover: USD $1

Similar in operation to a safety latch, door knob covers are mainly used to prevent children from entering rooms and other dangerous areas such as swimming pools. Be sure to choose a door knob cover that is tough but allows a door to be opened quickly by an adult in case of emergency.

3. Safety Gates

Cost of a safety gate: USD $15 - $80

Safety Gates prevent falls down stairs and keep children away from dangerous places. Look for safety gates that children cannot dislodge easily, but pose no difficulty for elders to open or close. Install gates that screw to the wall at the top of a staircase because they are more secure than "pressure gates."

4. Anti-Scald Devices

Cost of a anti-scald device: USD $5 - $100

Anti scald devices are very important because they help forgetful adults in preventing nasty burns to children. These devices work by regulating the temperature of hot water during bathing.

5. Smoke Detectors

Cost of a smoke detector: USD $10 at the most

Household fires are the most type of accidents in the home. It makes perfect economical sense to install a smoke detector that will alert anyone in case of fires or smoke. To increase the level of safety, smoke detectors can be installed inside every room. Adults should be reminded to check the batteries of detectors periodically to ensure perfect working conditions.

6. Window Guards

Cost of a window guard: USD $5

Use window guards to prevent an active child from falling down from an open window or balcony. In the tropics, consider installing netting that serves an anti-mosquito function as well.

7. Furniture Bumpers

Cost of a furniture bumper: USD $1

This is definitely essential in the home. Stick corner bumpers on all exposed sharp furniture corners to prevent injury to toddlers who are learning to walk or babies beginning to crawl. Bumpers can help to cushion the impact of childrens' falls.

8. Electrical Socket Plugs

Cost of a socket plug: USD $1 for a pack of three, from a discount store.

Another essential item that is priceless for the security it offers. Use Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates to help prevent electrocution. Outlet covers and outlet plates can help protect children from electrical shock and possible electrocution.

Be sure the outlet protectors cannot be easily removed by children and are large enough so that children cannot choke on them.
9. Door Stops

Cost of a door stop: USD $3 - $5

Door stops and door holders on doors and door hinges can help prevent small fingers and hands from being pinched or crushed in doors and door hinges.

10. Cordless Phones

Cost of a coordless phone: USD $20 upwards, depending on features.

Coordless phones contribute indirectly to child safety because they make it easier to continuously watch young children, especially when they're in bathtubs, swimming pools, or other potentially dangerous areas.

Cordless phones help you watch your child continuously, without leaving the vicinity to answer a phone call. Cordless phones are especially helpful when children are in or near water, whether it's the bathtub, the swimming pool, or the beach.

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