10 Things You Should Avoid Before or After Swimming  

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2009 in Articles

1. Avoid eating heavy meal before you swim. Let your stomach digesting your meal at least 45 minutes before you jump to swimming pool. It is the most important thing you have to remember because swimming with full stomach will cause stomach cramp.

2. Do not forget your sun block
If you forgetting your sun block, then be prepared to get sunburn. A good sun block is also protecting your skin from getting dried.

3. Do not miss body stretching.
Another thing you have to remember is to do body stretching at least 15 minutes, once again this is very important to avoid body cramp. To be a good swimmer, your body needs to be flexible. And we already aware that in swimming, we have to able to move the whole body not only our hands but almost the entire body part. A lot of people too lazy to spare only 10 to 15 minutes to stretch their body and the risk is they could get serious injury.

4. Don't forget to warm up your body
Before you get into the pool, you have to do some exercise to warm up your body. Do it in 10-15 minutes. Take 4 laps running around the swimming pool, move your hands, legs and neck properly. This exercise will give you more energy to swim longer before fatigue if you do it properly.

5. Don't forget to wear swimming cap.
Swimming cap will protect your hair from chemical substance such as chlorine. Some of them even could keep your hair dry. And if you have long hair, it is recommended to use swimming cap so you will stay neat and save, since chlorine will caused dried and damage hair.

6. Do not jump right to the center of pool.
Your body temperature needs to be adapted to water temperature. So let your body get used to the temperature. You can walk slowly inside the pool before you swim.

7. Do not forget to drink
Yes, even though you are in the swimming pool, you still need to drink mineral water once a while. Because sometimes when you are swimming, you just don't realize that your body is getting dehydrated.

8. Don't be shy to scream out loud when you got body cramp
If you were in that situation, then you definitely need somebody else's help. Do not wait until it cured and back to normal condition because you could injure your self.

9. Clean your body with the right soap
To avoid chemical substance such as chlorine which could cause dry skin and hair, you need to wash them properly. And do not forget to apply hair conditioner and body lotion afterward.

10. If you are on a loss weight diet program, you have to control your appetite. Because as soon as we finish swimming exercise, we will feel hungrier than ever and sometimes we just could not control our appetite. That habit will surely ruin your diet program.

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