10 Tips to Teach Your Baby to Swim

by Pool Builders on 04-07-2010 in Articles

Teaching your baby to swim can be very difficult to do. When babies are just at a young age of two or so, it is a very frightening experience for them to go swimming. Hopefully with our tips you can have a smooth experience!

Be sure to start slow

When you first start, you baby is most likely going to be very scared of the water. You should start slow and introduce them to the water. We suggest sitting on the edge of the pool and splashing some water with them in a playful manner. This will allow them to get used to the water sensation and feel safe in your arms.

Sit on the steps

Now that your baby has got a little wet, try and move onto the steps. Hold your baby in your arms and slowly enter into the pool. You can start up at the top step and just let your legs in the water and let your baby's legs enter as well.

Blow bubbles

Teaching your baby to blow bubbles is a very important step. While sitting on the pool steps, lean your baby over close to the water slowly to allow them to adjust. Ask them to blow bubbles and have fun. You can demonstrate by doing it first and blowing bubbles into the water. This will teach your baby to learn to hold their breath and also not be as scared.

Add some kicking

Kicking is one of the most important aspects of the swimming motion. You can now enter into the shallow end and hold your baby securely. While in the shallow end, hold them out in front of you and walk around. This will make them used to the water movement and moving around in the water. While moving, ask them to kick their feet and try and push. When they do, give them praise.

Briefly let go

Once your baby has become accustomed to the water, let them go briefly very quick. Almost as if you are throwing them in the air, but just catching them shortly after. You just want to simulate them being on their own and using their legs to kick.

Let go while you are moving

While you are walking around the shallow end, you can briefly let go of your baby and then catch them again. While moving, this will give them the sense that they are gliding across the water. While they are gliding, keep reminding them to kick their feet and push.

Turn your baby

Don't forget to turn your baby from side to side and get them used to kicking from all angles. Hold them under their arms as they are moving and just tilt them from side to side as you are moving. This will help them use all of their muscles and get used to swimming.

Use toys!

Using toys is a great way for you to make your swimming experience fun and easy. Babies can easily be distracted with toys that will help them forget about being scared of the water. There are also lots of educational swimming toys that can assist you in your swimming lessons.

Baby Swimming Apparel

Baby Swimming Diapers are an essential part of learning to swim. There are lots of water proof diapers and other baby swim apparel that will help the learning. Baby swim diapers will keep your baby dry and also prevent them from having a soggy diaper. Lots of public pools even require your baby to wear a water proof diaper to help stop the spread of bacteria.

Have fun!

Having fun is the most important part of teaching your infant to swim. You want to be sure that your babies are having fun and are not scared of the water. Make it fun and exciting with toys and also reward your child with praise if they do a good job!

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