10 Top Tips for Winterising a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-12-2012 in Articles

10 Top tips for closing down your swimming pool

It is most important that you winterise your or it can end up costing you money when it comes round to using your pool once more and find that you have leaks all over the place.

  1. When closing down your for the winter make sure you check the pH of the water to make certain it's balanced
  2. Then check the total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  3. Balancing the water in this way will help to protect the pool's surface from etching and staining and it also activates the sanitiser to keep the water healthy.
  4. Shock your pool and use winter swimming pool chemicals like algaecide.
  5. Take off your solar cover, clean it down and either store it away or leave it on the roller, covered.
  6. Vacuum and backwash and rinse the filter clean the pump basket out of debris.
  7. Place a winter cover over the swimming pool, this will keep out most leaves and debris that might have normally fallen in. If you have children or pets and wild animals you might want to consider a safety cover to stop anyone or thing accidentally falling into the swimming pool.
  8. Make certain that you just have cleared out all of the water from your pump, heater, plumbing pump and filter. You need to remove any chemicals from the in line feeder you may have as these will damage your pool equipment.
  9. Check with your dealer or pool installer if the pool water can be lowered in your pool. If it is fine to lower your pool water then lower the level just below the skimmer/returns only. If returns are positioned lower down in the pool, asking your local pool dealer or pool company who installed your pool if this is OK to do so. Remove skimmer basket and place a plastic bottle half filled with sand in the skimmer and place in the pool several plastic containers half filled with sand so they float.
  10. You may need add more sanitiser and algaecide, over the winter months.

These top tips are meant for owners in the UK and used only as a general guide. there maybe additional equipment they may need to be well insulated against frost because they cannot be removed.

Make sure you read any and all instructions that came or is associated with your swimming pool including the labels on the pool chemicals and any pool equipment that came with it.

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