2 Warmup Exercises to Perform Before Going Swimming

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2011 in Articles

Warm-up exercises are essential to any workout and research has shown that an effective warm up has a number of important key elements. These elements, or component, when combined together assist to minimize the likelihood of sports injury from physical activity.

Prior to any physical activity, the main objective of warming up is to prepare the body physically and mentally for the strenuous activity followed on. One of the benefits is the body's core temperature will increase which will improve muscle elasticity and reduced the risk of strains and pulls. Muscles temperature will increase during the warm up routine. The warmed muscle will contract and relax more which will enhance the speed and strength of the athletes. It directly affects the performance of the athletes as blood flow will increase and increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles.

Below are the warm up which I will do before I attempt my swim.

1) General warm up With Static Stretching

A light physical activity, like walking, jogging, easy swimming can be considered as a general warm up. The fitness level of the athlete will determine the intensity and duration of the general warm up. A good and proper warm up can take about five to ten minutes which result in a light sweat. In my situation, I always like to take a light walk to the swimming pool which will take me approximately 5-7 minutes. During this time interval, I will plan on the training session which I will impose on myself. It gives me a clear overview on what the activity is about giving me mentally prepared. The purpose of the general warm up is to increase the heart rate and respiratory rate which will assist the rate of transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles.

During this part of the warm up for static stretching, I will include all the major muscle groups. First, I will start from the head till to the toes. You may check the internet for the various stretching stretches as there are dozens of it. This entire static stretch will last for about five to ten minutes.

2) Sport specific warm up

In this specific warm up, the athlete is preparing their body specifically for the demands of the particular sport. More vigorous activity is used to reflect the type of movements and actions which will be required during the events. If I am intending to swim front crawl for my training, I will normally move my hand according to front crawl actions. During the movement, I will also correct my stroking if I feel that my hand movement is incorrect. The action will assist my mind and body to adapt to the movement for the later activity and also bring my stroking to a higher level.

Warm up exercises are essential to any sports or fitness training program. The importance of a well-tailored warm up routine directly contributes to the athlete's performance and most importantly, the prevention of sports injury. Most importantly, you must have fun when you are swimming.

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