3 Backyard Swimming Pool Games to Play and Enjoy  

by Pool Builders on 09-02-2010 in Articles

Owning a pool can be fun, especially with children of swimming age. They can invite their friends over and be entertained for hours, until their skin is shriveled and their lips are blue. Under adult supervision, they can go swimming every day that the weather and their busy schedules cooperate. As long as the automatic pool cleaners [http://www.hottubspasupplies.com/Pool-Supplies/Automatic-Pool-Cleaners] are run, the chemicals are adjusted on a regular schedule and the pool towels are washed, everything will be in order - until they get "bored." When the kids ask for ideas of pool games, here are a few to keep them in the water and having fun. In fact, even the grown-ups can join in if they wish.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo is perhaps one of the most traditional pool games ever. To begin, one person is "it," or Marco. There should be designated boundaries for players to stay within to keep the game safe and fun. Everyone must stay in the water. Marco must close his eyes and begin to count to 10 while the other players scatter about the pool. After the person gets to the number 10, he keeps his eyes shut the entire time and shouts "Marco" periodically. The other players must respond "Polo" each time. Marco starts to make his way about the pool, above or below the water, continuing to call "Marco" until he finds and tags another player. It is now this player's turn to be "Marco." The game begins again.

Inflate a raft and put it in the water in the center of the pool. See how many children can kneel or stand on the raft without it sinking or them falling off. Ground rules: no pushing, and an adult must be standing by as a sentry and timer. For a variation, give each child one and have a contest to see who can stay afloat the longest.

One player is the "shark" and puts his hands together on top of his head like a fin. He will dip just below the water and swim or walk around the pool, coming up for air whenever needed. The other players will try to stay away from the shark by swimming or walking as they wish until he gets to close and tags them. Then they are the shark. Everyone must stay in the pool and designated boundaries. This one can be extra fun for adults, as they can make more ground than children by walking. This is one way for kids to practice their swimming and underwater skills.

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