3 Basic Chemicals Your Swimming Pool Needs

by Pool Builders on 06-26-2006 in Articles

You should observe the following THREE BIG RULES when you are dealing with pool chemicals.

BIG RULE #1: You should never ever mix different pool chemicals.

BIG RULE #2: Never ever add water to dry pool chemicals whether they are in a powder or tablet form.

BIG RULE #3: Never handle any pool chemicals with your bare hands and always wear protective gloves and goggles when handling them. Better be safe then sorry.

And here are the 3 indispensable chemicals that you'll be using all the time:

1) "Shock powder." That's the name for the good old chlorine powder to kill all the germs, algae, bacteria and microorganisms that multiply at an amazing speed in your pool. You have to use generous amounts of "shock" for disinfection, depending on the size of your pool. A regular gallon-size "shock" bottle can run anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars, depending on where you live.

2) Chlorine tablets for the skimmers. They come in 1 inch or 3 inch diameter variety. Each skimmers usually takes 2 to 4 tablets. If you are running your pool regularly throughout summer, you need to replace your tablets probably once a week. If you got two skimmers, that means at least using 6 to 8 tablets a week. A bucket of 30 or 40 (3-inch) chlorine tablets usually runs between $60 to $80 dollars. Get ready to spend a couple of hundred dollars each summer on chlorine tablets and "shock powder" alone. Some pump and filter systems require you remove the chlorine tablets from your skimmer when the pump is not in use in order to protect the pump and the pipes from corrosion.

3) Alkaline powder. Chlorine kills germs but it also increases the acid level in your pool. If your water is not alkaline enough all metal parts will start to corrode and your water color will turn green. But if its too much alkaline, then the water will become cloudy and germs will start to multiply, presenting a health hazard. To balance it off you need to use various brand-name alkaline compounds most of which contain sodium bicarbonate.


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