3 Bedroom Villa Bali - The Perfect Accommodations for a Family!  

by Pool Builders on 02-28-2014 in Articles

It is never that much fun to travel all alone. But if you have company then the fun gets doubled but it can also be very boring if you are a family or a group of friends & are separated by hotel rooms. There would not be much group activity and all the group fun will be sorely missed. An excellent solution to this problem while travelling in Bali is by booking the 3 bedroom Villa. Many of our clients from Australia to Germany regularly a 3 Bedroom Villa Bali - sometimes families & sometimes friends. And, because all inTouch Realty's Bali villas have swimming pools, it is great for the children, young and old to soak themselves under the sun and enjoy the tropical weather here in Bali that we enjoy every day of the year!

A Seminyak Bali Villa is a lovely property to choose that is close to all the action and offers the most amazingly furnished spaces which are way superior to claustrophobic hotel rooms. Bali is such a beautiful island that the views from the terrace of many villas are breathtaking and since the deluxe villas are generally close to the beach, they may enjoy beach & ocean views. You can be sure that if you book the 3 bedroom villa Bali or any of our Houses in Bali for rent you will be getting the most for your hard earned holiday dollar!

A rental villa Bali is different from a hotel because villa guests all have their own bedrooms, closets and wardrobes, generally with en-suite bathrooms. And, the living rooms you share only with your family or friends who are staying with you. The feature of a kitchen in the villa will be very beneficial as you can either choose to cook yourself, or if your villa such as a luxury Bali villa has a cook, you will be assured of a great home cooked meal. Normally such kitchens come equipped with all necessary crockery and cutlery for the convenience of the guests. Rental prices that you would pay for this villa would most definitely be very affordable and by all means lesser than the combined prices of 3 or more rooms in a decent hotel.

So, while making choices for accommodation in any vacation for an extended family one must consider the following factors.
€One must not forget that vacations are about togetherness so staying in a villa can give the opportunity to people to spend quality together and bond with family &/or friends.
€The common areas of the villa like the living areas and the dining areas are favorite hangouts for everybody while they mingle and enjoy together, & save money by staying at home!
€There is ample space in any 3 bedroom villa or larger so guests will not feel congested.
€The open-plan living and dining areas that come with our villas in Bali are very attractive to tourists as they generally cannot enjoy this luxury in their home country..
€A Bali villa is always children friendly - and they all have private swimming pools.
€All the villas with a swimming pool are an added luxury that can be used by day and night.
€Additional features mat include terrace dining overlooking your landscaped garden and pool.
€Consider that the experience of staying ing in villa Bali villas is superior to staying in a hotel.

So, why not make one of our Bali villa rentals one of the best decisions that you could make for a family holiday!

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