3 Benefits When Using Solar Hot Water Panels  

by Pool Builders on 08-12-2010 in Articles

Heating a home for the winter time or making sure that you have the access to hot water year around is a very important necessity and can also run up a pretty high gas and/or electricity bill every month. Many people today are taking the time to switch to a more green, clean and cheap way to provide the same hot water and heat on a regular basis with solar hot water panels.

You may have heard of a solar panel or seen one on top of your neighbors roof top and wondering what kind of benefits they may be receiving from this expensive looking device. Allow me to take the time to discuss some of the solar energy facts of a solar panel, but first you need to know that just because they may look expensive they don't have to be. Many people today are taking the time to invest in there very own DIY (Do it Yourself) kit that teaches you how to build one for very cheap and still works like a champ.

Benefit #1:

Depending on how much solar panel you are thinking of installing for your home, you can use it to power your entire house. The sun reflects of these solar panels and creates energy that you can use every day. What you don't use is actually sent back to the power grid closes to you, and you will receive a credit on your next bill.

Benefit #2:

Heat your swimming pool. Many people live in areas where they are only able to use a swimming pool three months out of the year because of the cold and not having the funds to heat it most of the year. With solar panels you can use them to direct heat into your pool.

Benefit #3

Heat the water in your home. Although most people don't think that this is that much of a savings, most also don't realize how often their hot water heaters have to run to keep your homes water hot, especially in the winter time. Using solar hot water panels, you can create your own energy from the sun and direct it straight into your homes water heater, giving you a cheap and affordable way to provide hot water year around.

Depending on how big you go with your solar panels, you can also have the option to power your entire house while going clean and saving the green.

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