3 Devices That Make Home Maintenance Effortless  

by Pool Builders on 06-02-2012 in Articles

In today's trendy world of innovative technology, there hasn't been a favorable time to make just about almost everything in our lives more convenient than ever before. It wasn't long ago when if you needed to find a destination you either had to ask somebody for orientation or break out the traditional road map.

Today, all you merely do is tell your mobile phone or Gps navigation gadget to give you accurate directions. Back in the days if you were trying to get precise data on a specified subject matter for whatever intention it was, you would have had to look through the encyclopedia Britannica, remember does? Now you just go on the web and search for it on Bing. I can go on babbling about how technology has made our lives better trough the years, but I'm not.

The pretty, simple and inescapable fact is that I believe that there's electronic gadgets that make a major change in our day to day, making our lives easier. One of the distinct differences that these gizmos can make for us is when it comes to the monthly or annual property care. We all know that in order to retain the value of our homes and keep the property looking good, we have to conduct some sort of house upkeep. That includes mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, and for those that have an in ground swimming pool, keeping it nice and totally clean. Here are the 3 Devices That Make Home Maintenance Effortless.

1- The first gadget on my list takes care of the most dreaded home maintenance task that probably absolutely everyone dislikes to do the most. Its filthy, takes time and worst of all it can be risky, I'm talking about cleaning the gutters in our houses. We all know that a clogged gutter can cause roof damage, structural damage, leaks and it can also serve as a nice and comfortable breeding area for some really unpleasant bugs. This is one of the worst house maintenance tasks, I'd rather cut the grass in a 100 degree summer midday with an old lawn mower than clean my gutters. The thought of having to climb a ladder with a whole lot of tools makes me have the shakes, and the fact that you do have to reposition the latter multiple times just to get the job done, its strenuous. That is why the iRobot 12601 Looj 135 Remote Controlled Cordless Electric Gutter Cleaning Robot made this list, don't get me wrong you still have to climb the latter, but the only tool you will need to take up there with you is the Looj. It comes with a convenient waist holster so you can keep your hands free to climb without risk. You can just control it and let it do all the dirty work. This gizmo is extremely helpful.

2- A great looking lawn takes time and work, but who wants to be standing under the hot sun or having to wake up extremely early in the morning and disturbing the heck out of your neighbors, or you will have to do it in the evenings when you could be doing something else. That's why this widget made it to my list of gadgets that make home maintenance simpler; I'm talking about a little-known robotic gadget that will cut your grass with exactitude and best of all with not much hard work from you. This robotic lawn mower can cut various types of grass; it can tackle inclines up to 27-Degree, it can tell when it's going out the grass area and into rose beds or any kind of non grass area, no oil, no gas and best of all no more aggravating loud noise. With the LawnBott LB1200 Spyder Robotic Cordless Electric Lawn Mower you can set it, forget it and go enjoy the day or you can get you a nice chilly drink, chill out and watch it do its task. Whatever you resolve to do, there is one thing you will not be doing and that is sweating your butt off and working hard.

3- The third extremely cool and efficient gadget on this list it's predominately directed to the people with an in ground swimming pool at home. Cleaning the pool is another task that even though is not one of the toughest, its very time consuming and boring. That's why when I saw this cool tool called the Aquabot ABTTJET Turbo T Jet Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner, I had to get it, this is another set it, drop it in your pool and forget it type of tool and I really mean that, no effort on your part no hard work. in any case you can just stretch out and sun bathe by the pool while this cool robot cleans up your pool and once the Aquabot its through doing what it does best you can just take you a good dip and cool off in an awesome dirt free pool.

Overall this devices can help you in the home maintenance endeavor, although they do have a reasonably high price tag, they are well worth the investment.

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