3 Different Styles of Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2014 in Articles

Swimming pools come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Two of the common types include in-ground and above ground. A cost-effective and portable option comes with the inflatable models. Each style offers its own positive and negative points. By researching the different features of the swimming pools, you are able to install the proper pool to match the lifestyle of the family.


An in-ground pool offers a permanent structure that is dug into the landscape and lined with a material like tile or concrete. Concrete is highly favored since it is versatile and gives the option of designing a pool in a variety of shapes. In-ground pools are generally the most expensive option. A reason for this relates to digging up the land to create the desired size and shape of pool. They offer the benefit of accepting a range of options or personalized add-on, such as those relating to diving board, slides, etc.

Above ground

An above ground pool is considerably less expensive. They cost about 1/5 of the cost of installing the most popular in-ground pools. Above models are still sizable and offer a depth in the region of 5-ft, but much more favourable for those on a restricted budget. Depending on the layout of the landscape, it may be necessary to include extra construction around the outside of the pool. A reason for this is to improve pool access for everyone in the family. It is possible to include the add-ons or accessories with this style of pool, but often more complicated than what is seen with the in-ground pools.


An inflatable pool is a temporary structure that is set-up with ease and quite affordable. The inflatable comes in different sizes and shapes including those shaped like a castle or with a built-in slide. A positive of the inflatable pools is less maintenance. They are easy to drain and store when not in use. For families with a small-sized garden or children too small for the permanent pools, an inflatable unit is certain to offer unique and fun outside entertainment.

Even though installing a backyard swimming pool is quite a large investment for the more permanent structures, they are certain to offer years of fun and games for the entire family to enjoy. By learning the positives and negatives of the different styles of pools it makes it easier to determine which one is best suited to match the budget and needs of the family.

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