3 Easy Steps to Install a Pool Winter Cover

by Pool Builders on 12-03-2009 in Articles

There are many ways of closing the swimming pool during winter. It must be kept in mind that proper installation of winter pool cover is the only way to secure the pool throughout the season. The right and perfect way of installing in easy. You just have to be cautious and accurate in every movement you will do. This instruction is for in-ground swimming pools only.

Here the materials you needs:

o Winter pool cover
o Water Tubes (or Aqua Blocks)
o Garden Hose
o Anti-freezing chemical

Step 1: Clean, Winterize, And Drain Your Swimming Pool

Start the first step by cleaning the pool walls and decks. Before applying the chemicals, run the pool filtration system for a day. This technique helps you to accumulate all the dirt in the water. Skim all the debris found on the swimming pool.

After cleaning, you can now apply the chemicals. The winterizing kit is composed of chlorine, chlorine stabilizer, calcium hardness, pH, and total alkalinity. These chemicals balance the quality of your pool water. Furthermore, the chemicals will make your pool water usable for the next season. Lower your pool water below the skimmer's level. Moreover, drain the pool equipments like your pump and filters.

Step 2: Spread The Pool Winter Cover

Before purchasing a winter cover, measure the area of your swimming pool. For you to attain a better closing, there must be an overlap on the pool winter cover. The excess measurement of the cover is used to prevent the air from passing underneath the cover. Moreover, the overlap will be weighted by water tubes. Purchase a cover that is bigger than your pool's actual size.

Step 3: Secure With Cover Supplements

While the cover is down, place a water tube on each sides. Using a garden hose, open the valve of the tube and insert the hose opening. Do not overfill these tubes as they might blow off while freezing. The ample space inside the tube will be occupied by the water once been expanded. Pour in an anti-freezing chemical. This liquid agent lessens the water to become frozen.

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