3 Great Reasons to Go Salt in Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2012 in Articles

In the last few years swimming pools have been changing to salt instead of the traditional chlorine. Chlorine is an outstanding sanitizer and has been used for over 100 years to kill the bacteria within swimming pool's water. However, chlorine is an expensive, toxic chemical, where as salt is an inexpensive, gentle chemical. Here are 3 great reasons for you to switch to salt and get away from chlorine.

1. Healthier Water: When chlorine is used in a swimming pool, the traditional method is to shock the pool once a week which quickly raises the chlorine level to a maximum amount, making the water harsh with high chlorine. Then the chlorine level relaxes as the week goes by and then you must give it another strong shocking at the end of the week, raising the chlorine level to a high state again. Using salt, the salt system keeps the chlorine level at about 0.8 ppm (as compared to chlorine's 2.8ppm) and keeps the level consistent through the season. This keeps your water from ever become to saturated with chlorine, making the water healthier.

2. Easier maintenance: As in the example above, chlorine use requires you to test your water 1 or 2 times a week and manually place chlorine into the water, causing you time and energy. The salt system tests your water for you and ionizes the salt within the pool's water to chlorine and places it into the water without you needing to do so.

3. Lower Cost: For an example, a swimming pool holding 20,000 gallons of water usually uses around $300-400 in chlorine a season. The same swimming pool using salt uses about $150 in salt a year and that is very accurate for an estimate. Now the salt cell will not last forever and needs to be replaced about every 3 years and it costs about $300, but this is still much less expensive over time.

I consider the salt system to be a win-win situation. I have used salt systems in my own pool and have converted many customers over the years to salt and I have yet to hear about a customer that does not absolutely love the salt system. The only thing to consider before you convert to salt is to make sure that your pool is not completely metal. If so, the salt within the pool's water will deteriorate the metal components of the pool.

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