3 Important Factors to Consider When Building a Deck Around a Pool Or Spa

by Pool Builders on 05-05-2010 in Articles

The general function of the space, the deck landscape design and the budget or cost of deck construction are important factors to consider when building a deck around a pool or spa.

Swimming pool or spa deck landscaping will require a number of factors to consider for it to have a nicely built and well designed space. Decks are great additions in any pool or spa. It is an important component in enjoying any spa or poolside activity. This is where lounging, shading, and sunbathing usually takes place. Before building a deck structure around pools and spas know the following things to consider:

General function of the space

Starting a deck construction must begin with evaluating the general function of the space available around a pool or spa. It is important to know whether the side space would be intended for an extended outdoor area or would only be limited for a poolside surface only. Having this evaluation in mind is already considering whether the deck construction is viable for the available space. Also as the planning goes along, one can consequently have an idea of the deck design and cost estimates. Understanding the general function of the intended deck space would be serve as the initial feasibility study of starting a deck construction around a pool or spa. Also, determine if the pool decks or decking around spas are intended for a short-term or long term usage before planning the decking design.

Deck landscape design

Once the functionality and over all use is already determined, the design and deck landscape will then be laid out. The appropriate color scheme and deck pattern must be well chosen to fit the pool or spa area. Set to consider the design used in the pool coping when planning for a deck landscape. The deck design should fit with the function intended for building a deck. Simple and direct deck ledge is advisable for smaller deck areas to maximize the functionality of space rather than beautifying the limited poolside area. If the pool side is wider, a well-designed deck structure can add drama and attraction to the pool. Rolled bond beams can also be a great alternative to decking options, especially when the pool side or spa has a limited space.

Budget or cost of deck construction

After choosing the deck landscape and design, the budget or cost of deck construction materials can now be decided upon. Set the decking budget and canvass for the costing of materials. It is important to know your budget to be able to determine the appropriate materials to use. Materials could vary from natural stones, wood, marble, etc. Just make sure that appropriate decking materials are slip resistance to maximize safety.

Once all of these following considerations are met and cleared out, it is time for you to have your very own spa or pool deck. Have fun and enjoy the goodness of having one.

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