3 Important Tips to Swim Better in Triathlons

by Pool Builders on 01-12-2011 in Articles

Are you are looking for some tips for helping you swim better for triathlons? There is a lot of information out there you can use, so you will have to sort through it and take what applies to your situation. You should always be trying to make improvements to your swim if you are even half serious about the triathlon.

1. If you regularly swim in cold water you should have a wet suit if you do not already own one. If the triathlon races you participate in approve them, use it. The benefit of wearing a wet suit is more buoyancy, which translates to a slightly easier swim. On the other hand, some people complain about how their suit feels at the arm pit when they swim. Make sure you try it on before you purchase one.

2. Do intervals instead of just always swimming laps. You will not get faster if you are not swimming fast so put aside some of your pool time for some fast intervals. You will also find your endurance improving from swimming fast which means you will have some extra energy when you start out on the bike.

3. Do some strength training. If you do not do any strength training, start now. You can squeeze in at least a couple days a week for this and experience gains. The benefits will help you swimming, biking and running. Doing squats will strengthen your thighs which will help you when running hills. Strengthening your shoulders and arms will help your swim.

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