3 Swimming Pool Games

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2011 in Articles

A day at the pool is one of the most fun times for kids and the entire family. The pool offers different kinds of fun that everybody will remember forever. Designing pools that best suit different kinds of games is a top specialty of Austin Pool Builders. They know that children love to play in the pool, that's why pools should be designed to make various kinds of pool games possible. If you are planning to make your family's stay at the pool fun and exciting, you can choose any of the following games.

One of the most favorite games to play in the pool is called scavenger hunt, or treasure hunt. This game is good for kids because the pool doesn't have to be deep. Even waist-deep water is perfect for this kind of game. As the name suggests, the game involves "hunting" or "scavenging" at the pool. The organizer will strew different items in the pool. You need to be sure these items sink to the bottom. The kids will then compete against each other in retrieving as many items as possible under water. The kid with the most number of items retrieved wins. For safety precaution, organizers should be in the pool in case children will stay submerged more than necessary. This can also be played by team if you have plenty of children around, or when it is a party. You can divide the kids into groups of five.

"Search the Invisible Bottle" is another simple game that only requires a bottle filled with water. The bottle's color should match the pool's bottom. It should have a white cap and contain no markings, like wrapper or sticker, so it will be difficult to spot under water. Divide the players into two groups. Each group must stay at the opposite ends of the pool, with their backs to the water. The organizer throws the bottle in the middle of the pool. On hearing the splash, the players turn around and dive to look for the bottle. While the game is so simple, the fun lies in the fact that the bottle is "invisible". Whoever retrieves the bottle wins. The game applies even to two players only.

"London Bridge is Falling Down" is another game that offers simple enjoyment that is ideal for kids. The game requires two kids holding each other's hands above shoulder to form the "London Bridge." The participants then have to pass the "bridge". Every time the kids pass the bridge, the first two kids who are acting as bridge lowers the bridge until such time that it is submerged in water and the participants have to swim under it to make it to the other side. Participants who hit the bridge will be eliminated and the last one standing, or swimming, wins.

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