3 Types of Jandy Pool Heaters

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Jandy Pool Products, Inc is a leading manufacturer and marketer of spa and swimming pool products. The company functions as a subsidiary of Zodiac Marine Holding SAS.

The Pool Products division of the company is located in Petaluma, California. Jandy pool products, such as Jandy pool heaters, pumps, chlorine generators and lights, are know for their excellent quality, durability, eco-friendliness and ease of use.

Jandy Pool Heaters: Know Your Options

Some of the popular models of Jandy pool heaters are LXi, LX, Lite2, Hi-E2 and Legacy heaters. Here is a comparison of the three most popular models:

Jandy Legacy Heater

These environment friendly machines are based on highly an evolved gas heater design. Legacy pool heaters are available in different sizes, ranging from 125K to 400K. They are available in two models:

LRZE (Electronic Ignition): The LRZE models are equipped with the following features:

1. Advanced hot surface ignition systems and ceramic fire combustion chamber.

2. High wind resistance.

3. Digital control of spa and swimming pool set-points.

4. Self diagnostics and automatic communication to Jandy AquaLink RS Systems.

5. Non-corrosive and lightweight polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5 union connections.

6. High water flow rate up to 125 GPM.

LRZM (Millivolt Standing Pilot): These light and compact Jandy pool heaters are known for the following features:

1. User-friendly functionality.

2. Easy to use on/off temperature control switch.

3. Energy efficient mechanical thermostat for setting temperatures.

4. Polymer header with 2/2.5 CPVC union connections.

5. Flo-Thru baffles and Copper heat exchanger for effective heat transfer.

Lite 2 Heaters

Lite 2 pool heaters are among the most effective machines available in the market today. These heaters are known for their high performance and easily programmable features. Some of the features are:

1. Fully programmable digital time clock, digital temperature readout and LCD display temperature control.

2. Dual thermostat controls and automatic cool down functions

3. Built-in heater diagnostics and freeze protection.

4. Advanced hot surface ignition system, which eliminates the need for pilot lighting.

5. Flo-Thru baffles and copper heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer.

Hi-E2 Heaters

These durable heating units are known for exceptionally high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. Some of the advanced features of Hi-E2 heaters are:

1. Uses high-tech composite materials.

2. 95% heating efficiency and high energy savings.

3. Forced air induction system, which makes them suitable for use in extreme weather conditions and unusual locations.

4. LCD display and Dual thermostat controls.

5. Environmental friendly NOx emissions.

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