3 Types of Swimming Pool Winter Covers

by Pool Builders on 02-21-2014 in Articles

Protecting the swimming pool with the proper cover is certain to offer a variety of benefits to the pool owner. A resilient pool cover protects the above ground and in-ground pool against dirt, debris and algae growth during the long winter period when the pool is not in use. They also restrict access to children and small animals.

Here are three major types of pool winter covers:


A mesh styled pool cover is designed to collect and gather dirt and debris to prevent this entering the pool water. But it will allow snow and rain to funnel into the swimming pool to avoid issues with water collecting on the top surface of the cover. A high-strength mesh cover is manufactured to hold up to 465 lbs per 5 sq ft of mesh. This is enough to stop small children or animals falling through. Brackets are located down each side of the pool to help with securing the cover in place. A mesh styled cover is perfect for both the above ground and in-ground swimming pool.


A more expensive option for protecting the swimming pool comes from the solid winter covers. They are highly effective at not only making certain the pool is kept clean throughout the winter, but also able to act as an effective safety barrier. For the above ground pools these covers appear much like a tight-fitting lid on a container. Even though the solid covers are more expensive, they are likely to provide the best protection for the in-ground pools. In-ground pools can be fitted with the manual or automatic systems. A benefit of installing the automatic system is the simple push button operation. Operated by a motor, the automatic system is versatile in use and is easily used everyday if preferred.


Another common type of pool protection is the leaf pool cover. These covers are often placed on top of the winter cover to make it more convenient for capturing and eliminating the decomposing leaves or similar debris that have fallen throughout the winter period. This type of pool cover is mostly used with the above-ground pools.

All in all, by installing the proper type of winter pool cover, it is possible to make sure the pool and water is kept clean and healthy until you want to use it again in the following season. A protective pool cover makes it a far-sight easier to prepare the pool in the springtime compared to those that are left exposed to the elements.

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