3 Ways Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy  

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According to American Pregnancy Association, around 70% women suffer from back pain hassles during pregnancy. Back pain trouble is the first symptom of the pregnancy which makes them women anxious and unease. However, there are many safe ways through which you can get adequate treatment for this and can completely prevent this hassle without causing harm to the unborn baby.

Well, if you are one of those is looking for ways to get rid of your back pain, then follow through the tips and guidelines, discussed below.

Tips and Guidelines -

Note that - The back pain of many pregnant women occurs due to changes in weight balance and hormonal distribution. Therefore, the remedy of that cause only can be obtained through some simple techniques that we will learn here!

Good Posture -

During the Pregnancy, the center of gravity out from your body shifts, pull your lower back forward into a swayback posture which then create pain thereafter. But you can easily get rid of this strain by standing straight, maintaining a good posture.

How to do it: Align your all body parts from top down. And roll your shoulders back and lift your rib cage. After that Position your head and ears in a single line with your shoulders and contract abdominal muscles and then flatten your back to position hips. Try to maintain that position for a few minutes.

Swimming water exercise -

Take a dip into the swimming pool to get relief from your back pain. Well, this may sound little crazy but that really can help women to get you rid from their back pain hassles. The reason why it works because water supports your weight, therefore swimming classes can help you to relieve pressure from your back and can give you a whole - body workout.

How to do it: Well, many hospitals have their fitness swimming pools for pregnant women. You can ask your doctor for it to access the facilities.

Supportive Sleep -

If back pain persists especially when you are in bed, it is better you shift your body into a more back-friendly position to comfort your back a little. This practice will not only give you a comfortable sleep but also will avoid putting more strain on your back muscles.

How to do it: Lie in bed and try to keep your neck in line with the rest of your body by adjusting a pillow.

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