4 Basic Questions to Ask Swimming Pool Builders  

by Pool Builders on 08-01-2012 in Articles

Swimming pool builders are the experts when it comes to the construction of swimming pools for homes and other infrastructure. They are the teams whom real estate developers seek, consult or employ altogether to build pools in cities and towns. Swimming pools are a mainstay in many homes in tropical countries, even in places like the Gold Coast which has a lot of beaches. This is because of their warm climate all year round. So it's not unusual to see home-owners getting the services of swimming pool builders in cities like the Gold Coast. But before doing the same improvement to your home, make sure you are getting the right swimming pool builders you are comfortable in working with. Ask them the following questions to better gauge their expertise and their understanding of your preferences.

Question #1: Is a swimming pool appropriate for my property?

Swimming pool builders should make an assessment of your property and guide you on the right location and design well-suited to your land. They should be able to tell you if you have a level landscape or not and what can be done about it so a pool can be installed. They should also be able to make recommendations on whether an above ground, in ground or a combination of these types of pools can be built on your property.

Question #2: What is the process they follow in building pools?

Since swimming pool building is a specialised type of construction job, these builders should know by heart how the building process should go. This should include getting local government-mandated building permits and following building codes.

Question #3: What are the safety features that should be included in the pool design?

Safety should be the number one priority when a pool is conceptualised. The flooring in and surrounding the pool area is the primary safety feature. Non-slippery coloured or painted tiles are the best types of flooring for pools. Swimming pool builders should also be able to inform you of the other accessories you should have to make your pool safe, especially for children, whether it's in use or not.

Which brings us to question #4: What are the accessories you should buy for your pool?

Pool accessories are not only to make the pool look even better but these are primarily for the additional safety and maintenance of your pool. For the safety of users, ladders and lights can be installed and covers should be used when the pool is not in use. Your builder should advise you on the importance of these accessories even before the pool is completely built. If you'd like a diving board installed, ask the builder for the safest type of board to use. For the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool, your pool builder should inform you that filters should also be installed and that you need certain types of chemicals, pumps, brushes, nets and water test kits to keep it and its waters safe for your health.

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