4 Importance of Winter Pool Covers

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2010 in Articles

Pool owners should invest in necessary swimming pool accessories.It should be treated as one of the valuable investments that should be given proper attention to maintain its good performance.

Equipment and accessories such as pool pumps, pool filters, pool cleaners, chlorinators and others are what we need to make maintenance easier and more convenient. Although some equipment costs high and requires you more time to operate it, at least you are sure that you are giving the proper maintenance that your pool needs.

Winter pool covers is one of the most important pool accessories. They do have a lot of uses from accessorizing your pool to maintaining its good condition. In purchasing winter covers, you have to take in to consideration its durability and affordability.

You have to make sure that what you are going to buy is made from genuine and top quality vinyl that is guaranteed durable and long-lasting. Also, make sure that it is packed with U.V. inhibitors for added winter cover benefits.

Winter pool covers are now available in to three types: first is the solid cover, second is the mesh cover and third is the solar blanket. Each type has unique functions which will surely cater the needs of your above ground pool.

1. It keeps the pool clean

Having your pool covered with winter cover will prevent dirt, debris and other solid particles from entering it. We all know that solid particles such as dry leaves and small insects are the number one enemy of pool owners. Installing winter cover in your pool will keep it clean and crystal clear even for a long time.

2. It prevents pool freeze

During winter season, owners really have a hard time finding ways on how to prevent pool freeze. But as time goes by, innovations on pool covers have been made.

Winter pool covers avoids snow from entering the water thus preventing pool freeze that can damage plumbing.

3. It cuts energy costs and saves money

Installing winter cover, especially solar blanket, help keep the high temperature of pool water even during winter season. As a result you don't have to use heater when you decided to go bathing this winter season. Also, doing so will cut the cost of your electric bill and will save your money.

Investing in warranty-backed covers will also save your money. You will also avoid spending too much in your pool's maintenance since cover keeps your pool clean and crystal clear.

4. It prevents accidents

Keeping your pool covered when not in use will prevent accidental submersion which usually happens in children and house pets. You will surely give the best protection to your family when you install winter pool cover in your swimming pool.

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