4 Tips For Improving Your Garden For the Summer

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2010 in Articles

Spring is finally here and now is a good time to start planning how you can improve your garden so you can enjoy it in the summer. It doesn't matter how big or small your garden is there are a number of different things you can do to improve it. Whether you have a small garden and you want to be able to grow your own vegetables, want the perfect setting for a garden party or simply want somewhere suitable for a good BBQ there are plenty of solutions available.

Growing Your Own

Many people are choosing to grow their own vegetables these days but many people think that this requires a large amount of space. There are a number of ways you can grow vegetables in your garden without using a lot of space. Raised garden beds need to be deep rather than wide and usually provide better growing conditions than a regular garden bed. You can build a raised garden bed easily from timber and there are plenty of raised garden bed kits available to assemble.

Combine Art With Paving

Laying paving is a great way to create some interesting effects in your garden and if you combine this with garden sculpture then they can be truly magnificent. Using permeable paving is a great way of doing this as it allows any water to drain through it into the ground naturally, helping to prevent potential flooding. Permeable paving is also available in a wide choice of colours and materials, which can be the perfect accompaniment to any garden sculpture.

Building A Better BBQ

Most people will happily purchase a new BBQ every few years after their old one has fallen apart. However, if you have the space in the garden and some general brick laying skills then you can easily build a permanent BBQ for your garden. To do this you just need to buy some bricks, cement and a metal rack to grill your food on and can typically get the work done over a weekend. There are plenty of examples online of what can be achieved easily.

A Pool For The Kids

Installing a swimming pool in your garden can be a very expensive and time-consuming job. An above ground pool is the perfect solution to save you time and money, as they are easy to install and maintain. Above ground pools are great features for any garden and come in a range of styles, materials and shapes. This means you can have a small octagonal splash pool or a stretched octagon shaped pool depending on how you wish to use it.

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