4 Types of Pool Designs

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2014 in Articles

There is a variety of unique pool designs that go far beyond the standard rectangular shape. By including a more one-off pool design in the backyard, it is possible to create the more luxurious and attractive landscaped area. Here are four different types of pool designs:

Infinite Edge Pools

A pool design seeing significant increases in popularity includes the infinite edge pools. This type of pool is designed to give the appearance of the surface stretching out into the distance. A very striking appearance is achieved with those located near a beachfront or seated on a hillside. Infinite edge pools come with sides at different height to help with creating the optical illusion. To help with catching the over spill of water, the pool has a low-level catch basin to recycle the water back into the pool.

Beach-Entry Pools

Another interesting design comes with the beach-entry pools. Rather than include steps or ladders, the design of these pools feature a gradual sloping effect which drops down from the deck area. They are a practical choice for creating the attractive landscape designs, and offer ease in entering the pool for the very old or very young swimmers.

Baja Steps

If space isn't an issue, a swimming pool complete with Baja steps is a practical option. Basically, the Baja step is a large round area which is limited to about a foot in-depth. This lets those entering the swimming pool enjoy a shallow lounge without needing to take a complete plunge. They are perfect to rest between completing laps or to escape the mid-day heat without having to go for a full swim.

Waterfall and Fountains

An attractive feature to appear on some of the latest pool designs includes the waterfall and fountain. Both of these water features make attractive elements to incorporate into the pool design and local landscape. Many pools can include rock features with water jets or small bubbling fountains. A waterfall or fountain feature is often incorporated into the shallow end of the pool to help with creating the water trickling effect.

Depending on the available finances, the wide-ranging water features can appear on certain pre-fabricated models or come with custom-built units. By researching the many different designs and styles in the swimming pool market it shouldn't be difficult to find a pool design that is able to match the specific needs of the swimmers and local landscape.

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