4 Useful Steps for Pool Care

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

Pools are intended for relaxing and having fun, not working and cleaning. So, by planning a regular schedule of pool maintenance it is possible to simplify the cleaning process and cut the time required to complete the work. Here are several effective steps to maintaining the safe and usable swimming pool -

Balance the Pool

Balance the pool relates to the process of maintaining the right pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity. A regular inspection of each of these elements should make sure a pool runs at full efficiency. A perfect balance is needed to help with slowing the rate in which the metal equipment might start to corrode. It also helps with preventing scale formation which is known to cause significant damage to the pool hardware, promote cloudy water, and stain surfaces. A further benefit is the ability to avoid skin and eye irritation.

Chlorinate the pool

A poorly maintained pool is certain to experience issues with unwanted algae and bacteria. A constant chlorine level needs to be in the region of 1 to 4 ppm to help maintain the ideal sanitation levels. A pool is kept clean using a variety of options. A common choice includes using the chlorinating tabs and liquid chlorine. Chlorinating solutions often vary in relation to their ability to sanitize the pool. Some are more effective at killing bacteria and controlling algae, which offers help with sanitizing the water to make sure it is in great shape for the family to enjoy.

Shock the pool

A weekly schedule of shocking the pool is helpful to eliminate a lot of contaminates that lead to eye irritation, chlorine odour, and cloudy water. A wide range of shock products are available to use in the pool. A regular shock product is helpful for killing bacteria and breaking down perspiration, suntan lotions, cosmetics or similar waste that is difficult to filter from the water. Shocking is helpful for supporting the sparkling clear water. A multi-functional product goes beyond just destroying the waste mentioned. It also helps with balancing the pH level which should help with the filtration process and add extra protection against algae.

Include algaecide

Algae left unchecked are certain to cause issues with reducing the effectiveness of chemicals, low water circulation, and clogged filters. An effective step to avoid these issues comes from using algaecide, which should stop the algae growth before it is even able to start. Regular use of this type of product should help with avoiding any issues with an algae outbreak and restore the water to the original sparkling clean appearance.

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