4 Useful Steps for Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

A swimming pool on the property is certain to give many days of summer fun. However, with the fun of using the pool it is also important to put in place a regular schedule of maintaining the pool and accessories. Whether self-cleaning or using the services of a specialist contractor, it is important to include regular maintenance which includes changing filters, checking water levels, ensuring the right chlorine level, and efficient cleaning.

Here are the most effective steps to maintaining the pool -

Clean the surface of the pool and baskets

A common step to clean the pool is using a net or similar tool to help with skimming the surface of the pool to collect the debris. A daily skim using a long-handled leaf skimming device is necessary to ensure debris isn't left to sink to the bottom which makes it more difficult to clear from the pool. A further step is to make certain the filter baskets are cleared daily to ensure they are free of debris.

Inspect the pool filters

A significant part to inspect at regular intervals includes the filter system. It isn't necessary to clean the filter on a daily basis since a small amount of dirt is helpful for capturing the small participles in the pool. A filtration system comes in three different formats including the DE (diatomaceous Earth), sand, and cartridge.

Maintain the heater system

A swimming pool feature like a pool heater is highly appreciated for requiring minimal maintenance throughout the season. Although when it is necessary to service the pool heater it often helps to use the services of the professionals since maintaining this component requires dismantling the different parts of the system. A difficulty with cleaning this type of system includes removing calcium deposits from the heater tubes. A heater system also comes in a choice of electric, gas, and solar. A solar-powered system is certain to be the most cost-effective to run.

Check the water level

A simple to do maintenance duty includes checking the water level to make sure it remains at an acceptable level throughout the season. Water is lost for a lot of reasons, from splashing in the pool to scooping out the debris, so it helps to replace this lost water as required. A weekly check is desirable to prevent the levels getting too low. A standard garden hose is all that is needed to help with replacing the lost water.

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