5 Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2014 in Articles

There are many advantages to having your own swimming pool. With a backyard already in place, you have the space to add your own little oasis with access to exercise and relaxation. You won't have to travel far to have many hours of amusement; a pool is right in your backyard! Here are five benefits to owning a pool that may not have occurred to you. With a pool builder in Forth Worth, the option to have a pool installed is closer than you imagined.
1. It is nice to know where your children are and who they are playing with. Many people prefer to have their children's friends over to play at their home so they can keep an eye on what type of mischief they are into. This can be a little chaotic when the only choice is to play in the hot outdoors or to play in the house, causing a mess. If you have a pool, you can watch your children outside while staying cool. There won't be any more sweating episodes on your back patio as you sit in the sun, trying to keep an eye on everyone. Having a pool will not only keep your children close, but it will wear them out. Swimming is a much better option than playing video games or watching movies. Being in a pool causes physical fatigue, which in turn will help your children fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
2. Public pools can be nasty. There are illnesses ranging from Athlete's Foot to E. coli. Sure, going to the public pool occasionally probably isn't going to wreak havoc on your health, but why risk it? Some studies have shown that more than half of public pools contain traces of fecal matter. By owning your own pool, you are in control of how clean and safe it is to swim in. Hopefully, less traffic in your pool than public pools means a cleaner pool. Plus, you know the people swimming in your pool and probably trust their level of hygiene more than you would a stranger's hygiene.
3. There are fitness benefits for swimmers and nonswimmers in a pool. You don't have to swim laps or be a champion swimmer to reap the rewards of fitness from swimming. Walking or jogging in a swimming pool are excellent, low-impact exercises you can do. With your body immersed in water, it adds resistance to your muscles while simultaneously protecting your bones and joints. Exercising in a pool is also fun, so you are likely to stick with whatever program you decide to do.
4. Water has an amazing natural ability to help reduce stress. If you can't sit on a beach beside the ocean and enjoy the sun and water, a swimming pool is the next best thing. Many people are deficient in Vitamin D, which the sun provides. Enjoying a pool in the sunshine will be an instant mood booster for you and your family/friends.
5. Having a swimming pool offers a place for healthy family fun and socializing with friends. You can have your adult friends over and sit beside the pool to socialize while enjoying good conversation as your children play with their children. A pool party can be a spur of the moment, casual event or a well-planned elaborate event; the options are endless. A swimming pool is a place people can gather and socialize. You will create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime. A pool builder in Fort Worth has the expertise to help you with your vision of installing a pool.

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