5 Best Spa Pool Maintenance Tips

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2009 in Articles

Is it time to conduct spa pool maintenance? If you want to enjoy yours long-term, do so. After all, dipping in the pool is a fantastic way to rest and relax after a stressful day at the office or a vigorous workout at the gym. But hold on a minute-what do you know about spa pool maintenance? Here are some important tips to keep in mind.

1. Understand the importance of spa pool maintenance. It's critical to maintain spas and hot tubs correctly. Failing to treat and sanitize them properly can cause dangerous bacteria and microorganisms to form. If you fail to keep particular chemicals in healthy ranges, various viruses, algae, and mold can easily reproduce in the water. However, periodically adding the proper sanitizers and chemicals can keep pools safe and sanitary.   

2. Periodically change the water and flush the system. Every 60 to 90 days, you should empty the tub completely and then use fresh water to fill it up again. This should be dependent on how frequently you use the hot tub. Here are the basic steps:

- Take off the filter.

- Utilize a flushing agent for plumbing.

- Drain the tub's water.

- Use a (non-foaming) cleaner to clean the interior's surface.

- Clean the hot tub's cover.

- Clean the filter and replace it whenever necessary.

- Fill up the tub with new water.

- Add a UV protectant to both sides of the cover.

3. Treat the water whenever necessary. You can take several steps. When the hot tub is half full of fresh water, add scale controller, stain controller, and so on. Then after the hot tub is full, use test strips to examine the water's alkalinity, calcium hardness, and pH. Based on the readings, conduct any adjustments that are needed. Make sure to never add more than one chemical at a time. Furthermore, weekly test the water to ensure that it remains balanced. 

4. Install a sanitizer system. This is a crucial step in your spa pool maintenance. The three primary varieties of sanitizer are Cleanwater Blue, Nature2, and bromine. It's important that you always adhere to the manufacturer's directions depending on the system that you select. 

5. Buy a spa vacuum. This is a quick way to remove various debris that collect at the hot tub's bottom. It's critical to remove them immediately, to keep your tub as sanitary as possible. 

While spa pool maintenance can be quite challenging, it's important to conduct all necessary daily, weekly, and monthly upkeep. Keep your body in hot water and your tub out of it!

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