5 Best Things About Pool Covers  

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2011 in Articles

Pool covers are cool inventions that perform a variety of functions. When a homeowner has a swimming pool or spa in the backyard, it can be a great form of recreation for family and friends all summer long. When seasons change, it's time to batten down the hatches and prepare for a cold spell. Wildlife and pools need to get ready for hibernation and these covers help the backyard swimming hole do just that. These covering devices are great for a variety of reasons. Here are 5 of them:

1) Winterizing the area: For homes that are located in regions with severe winters, the pool must be closed down for the winter. Instead of having to drain it, homeowners or service personnel can put in the proper chemicals and batten down the hatches with a specialized cover. It's important to have it secured with the proper lock-down devices so it will stay snugly in place all winter long.

2) Pool covers keep the autumn leaves out: When a back yard has a gorgeous deciduous tree like a stately oak, elm or cottonwood, this majestic part of the landscaping will provide much needed shade during the spring and summer. During the autumn, however, the leaves will change colors to reds, yellows and oranges, and then fall off. If they land in the pool, this can create a mess for the pool's systems to handle. Covering the area will save the pump, vacuum and will keep a homeowner from pulling his or her hair out or chopping down that stately giant.

3) Solar devices: Solar covers or floating devices can extend the swimming season by drawing sunlight in to naturally warm up the water. The sun is a ready and willing source of heat for radiating the water into perfect temps for swimmers.

4) Safety: No one wants a non-swimmer to fall into their backyard recreation center. From kids to visitors, keeping everyone safe while no lifeguard is on duty can be achieved with a pool cover. This is perfect for summer homes or those that are on the real estate market for sale. These devices can cover your pools and cover your liability issues.

5) Protecting the interior: If a swimming hole has been emptied, keeping it covered can protect the interior. Cracks and breakdown can occur when this surface is exposed to the elements. Repairing and resurfacing can be an expensive proposition. Keeping it covered up will be a wise move.

Having a tropical paradise in one's own backyard can be a wonderful thing. It's the perfect spot for parties and get-togethers, relaxation for all members of the family and a built-in gym in terms of getting some exercise. If a spa is attached, even better, as soaking in that bubbling hot body of water will be perfect for getting rid of muscle aches and pains as well as alleviating stress. With the privilege of owning pools comes responsibility, however. Maintenance, safety and other tasks can be accomplished by installing high quality types of pool covers.

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