5 Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

by Pool Builders on 10-30-2013 in Articles

After it cost thousands of dollars to install, why would you want to ruin your pool? Of course, we're acting in good faith and we're trying to save a few dollars by maintaining the pool ourselves. However, this could hurt both your pool and your wallet in the long run as you will inevitably hire a professional pool service repairman.

In this economy, money is tight so it's understandable that homeowners may attempt to fix a problem, replace a motor or maintain the pool's water. Unfortunately, since most homeowners do not have any expertise when it comes to pools, the best advice would be to stand back, call a pool repairman and wait for their final judgment.
With that being said, some pool owners don't do anything regarding their pool. Whether it's neglecting the pool entirely or not taking foreign objects out of the pool, like leaves for instance, not paying attention to your pool can also come with unforeseen expenses.

Nevertheless, here are five of the most frequent errors that homeowners make when trying to look after their pool:

Instead of calling a pool professional, a homeowner may go to a store and purchase chemicals to either mix or add to the pool. This is extremely dangerous because chemical imbalances or adding chemicals to the pool at the wrong time of the day can hurt the longevity of the pool and its water.

It may not appear to be a big deal when a crack in the wall is spotted. However, by neglecting to remedy the issue right away can lead to an even bigger problem or cause safety hazards, which would be harmful for potential swimmers.

Furthermore, making the decision to repair the matter yourself is also a bad move. Whatever the issue may be, it's important to get a diagnosis from a professional before making any drastic repairs or replacements. Again, if an amateur is trying to fix a leak or a crack then it could create a much larger issue down the road.

Circulation failures
For whatever reason, pool owners might refrain from running the pool pump long enough - it needs a certain amount of time to circulate the water and make sure the water flow is correct. Without keeping the pool pump running, it could cause a chemical imbalance or the growth of algae.

A water kingdom
There is no argument that having a pool is a wonderful feature in the home. This doesn't mean that it should be used as an amusement park for everyone in the neighborhood. When too many people use the pool, a lot of chlorine is needed to maintain a balance in chemicals. By not doing so can create a large amount of bacteria.

Going to the dogs
A lot of us have memories of our dogs jumping in the pool on a hot summer's day. If you know a dog is going to be taking a dip, be sure that the pool is friendly for both humans and pups. After an animal takes a swim, it's important to net the pool, clean the skimmer basket and filter and maintain it properly to avoid a clogged impeller.

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