5 Cool Uses of Solar Powered Appliances  

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2013 in Articles

solar power is a renewable source of energy derived from the sun. It is cost-effective, environment friendly, and does not create any major sound. Moreover, it is easy to use and contributes to a wide range of usability both at home and office. It offers several different purposes, and helps people save their pocket from burning into hole due to overwhelming traditional electricity bills.

Let us here take a look at some of the coolest uses of solar energy -

Solar powered ventilation - How about bath ceiling fans being powered by solar energy at your home? Sounds cool, right? Fans are widely used through the home to move air around for comfort, moisture, and smell control. With the recent advance of science and technology, heating and cooling within the home is possible with the help of solar energy. Not only so, this modern science has enable people save considerable amount on utility bills. With the help of alternative energy power like it, you can also run floor fans and fans above the stove.

Heat your swimming pool with solar energy - Have you ever thought of heating your swimming pool with solar powered energy rather than using gas or conventional electric water heater? If not, then quickly check the advantage of Solar water heating & its rapidly increasing popularity. It is used for heating swimming pools as well, so that you and your children can enjoy swimming throughout the year- irrespective of the weather being too cold or too hot. So, hurry and update the outdated furnace with solar power heater. This is raise the efficiency by 15 to 30%, but will not increase your expense.

Home heating system - Why should we confined to swimming pool only, lets warm our homes as well with natural sun shine. Isn't this sound great? Let us take a look how it works. Glass rooms allow the daylight sunshine to filter in and warm the room through a collector called a transparent covering in the glass. Now, if we add plants and rocks to make the room look visually charming, the rocks will actually store the heat of the sun and that energy can be used when the sun goes down to heat the room. Stored energies are great and have a lot of uses like batteries.

Solar cooking appliances - Oh yes, how can we forget about cooking food with solar cooker. Cooking food with solar powered energy is not only a very healthy practice but save your money on utility. Moreover, cooking with the use of solar energy is much easier than any other conventional way of cooking. So, go for it and start cooking over a solar oven instead of your conventional one.

Solar powered lighting - Light in the home is something we all use. Instead of using conventional lighting, we can go for solar powered lights. This is a great idea to lit your house and save on electricity bill. Solar energy can also be used for outdoor lighting. Not only does it give you a clear view of the sidewalk but also ensures security.

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