5 Critical Factors When Hiring a Pool Contractor

by Pool Builders on 08-06-2010 in Articles

One of the largest investments you can make to your home aside from the home itself is to add a swimming pool in the back yard. Since this is such a big decision to any family, it is highly recommended to complete your proper due diligence to make sure you hire the correct company with the most experienced installers so you can ensure to the best of your ability that the job is done right. There are quite a lot of pool companies throughout San Diego, you don't want to hire anyone. Try to ask the right questions and follow the guidelines below.

1.) Ensure the Company is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. The State of California and County of San Diego has specific licensing requirements for any pool contractor. If you are speaking to a contractor who holds a license different than that of constructing pools, such as a more general classification for building and repair, make sure they also hold the license specific to pool construction. This is very important to protect you in the event something goes awry. If you are working with a General Contractor that usually works on building structures, also ensure they have a license to construct pools.

Make sure that the company is not only licensed, but also bonded and holds insurance in an amount you are comfortable with also in the event an issue arises from damage to your property or an on site accident. Make sure that there is no separate cost to you or line item in the contract for this insurance.

2.) Get References and Past Customer Recommendations. It makes no difference if a contractor or company in San Diego focuses on fiberglass, ground, or concrete swimming pools, get as many references as possible from customers of past projects as well as current projects. Be sure to ask tough and pointed questions to get the answers you need to make the best decision possible on their satisfaction of the total process, attention of the General Contractor, if there were subcontractors as part of the project, how closely schedule and budget was maintained, and overall quality of work.

3.) Meet with San Diego Trade Associations. In addition to getting references from past satisfied customers, also meet with trade associations in the San Diego area to gain more insight on a specific company you are considering. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau is a good start in your due diligence and research.

4.) Cost is Always Negotiable. Don't settle for the first pool contractor you meet with nor the first price you receive. It is generally recommended to get at least 3 bids before making a decision so you can compare the total scope of work in what is included, the quality of the finished product, what materials are used, and also cost.

5.) Contracts. Become familiar with reading and evaluating contracts and get as much information as possible in understanding the process and what protection you have as the customer. Remember the contract is a binding agreement, and if there is a lack of understanding in the fine print, ask someone more knowledgeable on reading the contract or contact your lawyer. Pay close attention to details about penalties, milestones, and payments.

Taking the extra steps before making a final decision for a San Diego pool contractor will give you peace of mind in ultimately making this decision and you will be happy with the final result while floating on the weekends with your family and gaining memories which last a lifetime.

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