5 Easy Steps For Sparkling Pool Pics for Realtors or FSBOs  

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2013 in Articles

Whether you're a Realtor looking to take your own Real Estate photos or a €For Sale By Owner' seller wanting to get the best shots you can, here's 5 simple steps to help you to achieve sparkling pool photos.

1. Sunny Days Are The Best
If at all possible, take your pool photos on a sunny day. The sun makes the water sparkle and shine. The pool will look inviting. This is because sunny days are also the best days for swimming and fun in the pool. And that's, of course, what you're selling!

2. Remove The Cleaning Hose, Head And Other Items
Ask the Seller to remove any hoses, cleaning heads, toys, balls and other items from the pool before you arrive to take your photos. This allows time for any water that is drained onto the surrounds of the pool to dry out before you start.
The hoses need to be hidden behind the pool pump house or the surrounding garden, well out of sight. Or better still, put them in the garage.
It's also a good idea to ask the Seller to clean any fallen leaves and debris from the pool as well.

3. Add Ripples As A Special Effect
Use the pool scoop to €rough up€ the water and make ripples across the pool surface. This reflects the light and adds sparkle and interest to the water.
This needs to be done immediately before you take a photo and may need to be done a few times for the complete set of photos you are taking as the ripples will settle down in a fairly short time.

4. Feature The Features
If there is a waterfall, fountain or spray feature with the pool, make sure you capture a separate photo of it. Sometimes the feature is the tropical garden around the pool. Or, as in one photo shoot I did, it was the white painted Mediterranean style wall with painted scenery that went around one side of the pool.
If you have the option of a slower shutter speed on your settings, you can use it to good effect to have a smooth look to the water coming out of the fountain. Or do the opposite to catch the individual droplets in the water stream.

5. Look For The Best Angles
Look around at the surrounds of the pool. If there are neighbour's houses that overlook the pool, it is best not to get them in the photo.
Most buyers want their pool to be their private haven and not have prying eyes overlooking. Remember, a picture can tell a 1,000 word story - just make sure it's the right one!
Take photos of the pool from as many different angles as you can - including looking back over the pool to an outdoor entertaining or alfresco area. Once again, it tells a story of casual dining alongside family fun in the pool.
And finally, kneel down on one knee and see if taking a photo from a low level enhances the look of the pool. It often does.

Need more information on taking real estate photos? Please visit my blog for easy to follow examples of how to achieve better photos for better sales results.

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