5 Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

An in-ground or above ground swimming pool is certain to provide a lot of fun activities for the family. But to make sure the water stays clean and healthy, it is important to put in place the proper daily or weekly pool maintenance program. Here are five mistakes to avoid with pool maintenance:

pH Level - Not testing the pH level at regular intervals. Testing the pH balance of the pool water is a daily routine. A daily pH check makes it possible to complete the simple adjustments. This means there is no need to make significant adjustments to the water chemistry after doing the more infrequent inspections.

Make sure the pH level is kept in balance. This should mean it is kept below 8.0. A pH level of 7.0 to 7.5 means the pool water is at the recommend range of chlorine at 50 to 70-percent active. Should the pH level reach 8.5 or more, the chlorine is in a poor state and only 10-percent active. By monitoring the pH balance regularly, you are in a better place to make sure the chlorine in the pool water is working effectively.

Alkalinity - Not inspecting the alkalinity of the pool water. A preferred range of alkalinity is in the region of 80 to 140 parts per million (PPM). Alkalinity in the pool water that is too low or too high can impact the pH level. This can limit the ability for the chlorine in the swimming pool to act as a sanitizing agent.

Skimming Basket - Not inspecting and cleaning the skimmer basket. A regular inspection of the skimmer basket is necessary to prevent this important part getting blocked by dirt and debris. If the basket is left to get full and become blocked, it can result in poor pool circulation.

Add Chemicals - Avoid adding chemicals like chlorine or bromine to the pool water in the heat of the day. The preferred time to include chemicals is later in the day. Ideally you should leave it until the sun has set. By waiting for the evening to arrive, there is much less chance the chemicals will evaporate.

Wall Surfaces - Not cleaning the tile or wall surfaces enough. A regular brushing of the tiles is certain to help limit the outbreak of conditions like algae. Also, the regular cleaning can help to avoid the serious and expensive issues like the surface getting calcified. This is a type of job that needs the services of the professional contractor and can be expensive.

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