5 Proven Reasons Why You Need A Pool Screen Enclosure  

by Pool Builders on 07-17-2013 in Articles

Are you considering the addition of a pool screen enclosure?
Maybe you already have a pool installed, but no screen enclosure, because that's the way it was when you bought your home. But lately, you've noticed that most homes in your neighborhood have added a enclosures around their pool and patio. Why are these structures so popular in Florida?
Living in Central Florida means a life of year-round sunshine, heat, insects, wild animals and stormy weather. Each of these natural factors can take away from the enjoyment of your swimming pool. Building a pool enclosure helps ensure you and your family enjoy the pool year round, day and night. Here Are 5 Proven Reasons Why You Need A Pool Screen Enclosure:

  • 1. Turn Down The Summer Heat: Florida is known for its plentiful sunshine and hot temperatures. Building a screen enclosure helps to beat that heat. We use only top quality screen material from Phifer, an industry leader in screening products. Once installed, the 'Sunscreen Mesh' will greatly reduce solar heat gain in summer. In fact, research shows it absorbs and dissipates up to 70% of the sun's heat & glare. What does this mean for your home and family? This screen acts as a buffer between you and the heat of the sun, helping to keep you, your family and pets feeling cooler and protected from the sun's strong rays.
  • 2. Add To The Value Of Your Home: Building a pool enclosure is an investment that will pay for itself on several fronts.
    It's one of the most popular additions to a home with a pool - so when it's time to sell your home, having the pool enclosed is a definite plus.
    An enclosure adds to the overall space of your home and outdoor living area.
    By attractively designing and building a quality pool enclosure, you enhance the overall visual appeal of your property.

  • 3. Keep The Wild Side On The Outside: Due to the tropical environment, Florida teems with wild life, even in suburban areas and neighborhoods. By installing an enclosure around your pool and terrace, you are keeping out wild life like: frogs, lizards, snakes, rabbits, raccoons, possums and biggest concern of all - alligators. A pool enclosure also helps to keep out flying insects like flies, hornets, bees, waspsâEUR¦and mosquitos, which may carry the additional threat of West Nile Virus. Having a screen in place protects you, your family and pets from these concerns.
  • 4. Cut Down On Pool Maintenance and Energy Cost: Having a pool means time and money spent on regular maintenance - from pool chemicals to cleaning materials/services and energy costs - it really adds up! An enclosure significantly reduces time spent cleaning leaves, debris, grass clippings, dead bugs and the like from pool, filters and equipment. And because your pool water stays cleaner in general, you can cut down on the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool sparkling clean year round. Not only is this great for your pocket book, it's better for the environment too.
  • 5. No-Maintenance, Top Quality Aluminum Design: There are so many proven advantages to having an aluminum screen pool enclosure! Each screen room enclosure is custom designed to complement your home and make it look great from inside and out. Our custom all aluminum design is engineered specifically for Florida weather and climate. Your new pool screen enclosure will require little maintenance over the many years of enjoyment you'll experience with it because we use only the highest grade of materials in every single installation.

Dulando Screen and Awning has been in business in the Central Florida community since 1968 and has lots of experience helping homeowners just like you. We have built thousands of patio, screen and pool enclosures and sunrooms in Central Florida. We're here to help you learn more about building a new quality pool screen enclosure for your home.
We offer free in-home consultation and can provide you with a variety of plans and ideas to create your perfect pool screen enclosure for outdoor living.
Go with Dulando Screen and Awning and experience the quality for yourself!

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