5 Questions to Answer Before You Buy Your Swimming Goggles  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2013 in Articles

You have already read a lot about swimming goggles and you thought that things were easy to make you have a quick choice. OK, now why you cannot choose?

If you are in this situation then I suggest you to answer the following five simple questions to get things in an order in your mind.

1st Question: Where do you like to swim? Do you swim in the sea or in a swimming pool?

This question will help you eliminate you searching work in half! There are swimming goggles for open sea that provide you wide optical limits so you can see everything around you. This is very helpful because in the sea there are boats, people swimming to all directions or even floating wooden pieces etc and injuries are very easy to happen. It is also a need your goggles to have a sun protection care against UV rays but this is something I'll tell more in the 2nd question below.

2nd Question: Do you swim outdoors?

If you swim outdoors (sea or swimming pool) you'll have noticed that during the day light, especially the sun shining days, the brightness of the sky and the sun is very annoying especially for those who like to swim backstroke style. Sun is also very harmful for the eyes. To avoid all these problems it is better for you to search for goggles that provide a UV protection. Mirrored or tinted lenses can also help you keep the glare down.

3rd Question: Which is the average duration of your swimming?

If you swim for less than 30 minutes a day, please skip this question. For all the others, it is better to consider buying goggles with soft gaskets around the eyes for a very comfortable fit. Seek for hypoallergenic materials if you having allergic problems.

4th Question: What kind of use you do? Do you want swimming goggles for sports, fun, race or practice?

In the chaotic word of swimming goggles there are several kinds of them made for every different need a man can have. That is why you can find goggles especially for those who like water games such as water skiing, jet skis, kitting, surfing etc. There are also swimming goggles just for water fun and simple water games. If you are from those guys who like just to swim, you can find hundreds of them that give you a comfortable fit and let you do your exercise without spending any time thinking of them. Finally, for the race swimmers who need to take advantage of each tenth of the second, there are swimming goggles that give to them the competitive advantage they need.

5th Question: What is the amount of money you would like to dispose to buy them?

This question is pretty obvious. This is the final criterion you can have before you make your buying decision. You only have to see what money you have and what you can buy for this amount of money that can cover up your needs.

It is good for you to know, that you can find swimming goggles with anti-fog coating and scratch resistance. If you wear glasses or contacts, swimming goggles can be made to your prescription. Most of the manufactures prefer to make swimming goggles in a wide range of colors.

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