5 Reasons Why Your Baby Needs a Swim Diaper

by Pool Builders on 03-25-2010 in Articles

If you have kids and love going swimming and splashing around with them chances are you are already aware most pools now require that little children wear swim pants. Read about the 5 most important reasons your baby needs a swim diaper.

  1. If your baby or toddler is not perfectly potty trained then you definitely want to put him in a swim diaper so you don't have to worry about any accidents in the water.
Regular disposable or washable diaper won't do because what they do is to absorb liquids as much as they could so don't make this mistake. Letting your baby with a regular diaper in the pool is not the right thing - it is not safe for your kid and there is a risk of clogging the pool filters. Some brands of swim diapers claim that their product helps reducing the risk of bacteria spread (especially E. coli) in the water so by putting your baby in a swimming diaper you are actually showing social engagement. Swim diapers come in a great variety of colors and patterns and babies look really cute when they wear them. You can make your girl look like a little mermaid or your boy look just like professional swimmer. The only problem you will face is actually make a choice, they really look amazing and cool.
If a poo lands on the bottom of the pool the pool has to be closed for a treatment that is expensive and time consuming.

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