5 Reasons to Own a Pool

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2010 in Articles

There's so many reasons to own a pool, but here's just a few to get your curiosity tingled. Owning a pool is a great quality of life experience, and the pool can even improve your health!

1. Relaxation.

There are few places you can relax, even in your own home, better than in the weightless wonder of a swimming pool. The pool environment literally counteracts gravity. This is "relaxation" in a way only water can provide. It takes stress off muscles, and literally lets them rest.

"Pool therapy" is even used for older people to take the weight off tired and sometimes sore muscles and rejuvenate vitality. Heated pools are like super baths, promoting good circulation. They're also good for the all-important mental relaxation, giving a feeling of peace and tranquility.

2. Quality family time.

There's no better place to spend time with your children. The pool is a good family environment, a fun place for the kids, and a great area for games and generally enjoying life.The pool is a very good place for getting away from the "busy" mode which takes up so much of people's lives. That's a great form of relaxation, and for families trying to catch up on their quality time, the pool's the perfect place.

3. Exercise.

Swimming is one of the best exercises there is for total body fitness. It's used for everything from football training to physiotherapy for people recovering from serious injuries. Swimming exercises every muscle in the body systematically, and in coordinated muscle groups.

There are many different types of pool exercise. The most important point is that these exercises are excellent for a range of specific health purposes:

Stamina Breathing Muscle development Weight management Fitness levels Pool exercises allow you to do all these things in one place, in easy routines. Every top professional athlete does pool training regularly. That's exactly how good your pool can be for your health.

4. Party time! Pool parties will make your house the place to be in summer.

Pool parties are legendary for their fun factor. Great food, great friends, and great fun are a winning combination in anyone's language. You can stay cool and make the most of the summer with a beautiful pool. Just stay stocked up on your pool supplies, and you and your friends can practically live in the pool in summer.

Pools are designed to be enjoyed, so let your imagination run wild finding fun things for your pool party. Water polo and other games are fantastic fun, and if you've got kids, you won't need to go looking for them, because you know where they'll be.

5. House value.

You can increase the value of your house phenomenally by having a pool. Nothing looks as good as a well landscaped pool, and many people underestimate or forget about the appeal to buyers. A well-maintained swimming pool with an elegant layout and amenities is an extremely valuable asset. Whatever you spend on your pool, it'll be making you money if you decide to sell.

Meanwhile, you and your family can have a lot of fun and a healthy lifestyle with your wonderful pool.

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