5 Signs It's Time to Convert A Home to Solar Energy  

by Pool Builders on 08-02-2012 in Articles

Choosing to use solar energy is something that people have talked about for decades. While the sun's power has been on the list of alternative energy sources for the future for a long time, it is only now that many homes and businesses are starting to add it as a supplemental power source. A solar water heating system is one of the more popular methods of implementing this alternative power. How does a homeowner know when it's time to add solar water collectors to the household? Here are 5 signs.

Home Remodeling Project
Eco-friendly elements are now a part of every home remodeling project. Homes with energy-efficient heating, cooling and water systems improve a home's resale value. Making home improvements that will lower energy bills are a plus. Solar water heaters are more than a money-saving project, they are a feature that can be installed through the contractor, leaving the homeowner little to worry about.

Building a Home
Similar to home remodeling projects, the new house fitted with eco-friendly energy collectors improves the home's resale value over the long term. Many builders and architects now offer new home blueprints and floor plans that include solar water collectors and other alternative powered appliances and energy sources.

After a Power Outage
For folks who live in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, power outages are to be expected. Many people routinely stock up on candles, batteries and kerosene in preparation for several days in the dark while they wait for electricity to be restored. Anyone who has lived for more than three or four days without power will start thinking of an alternative plan for the next time. More and more people are considering solar energy as a means to create light and a source for hot showers, two basic essentials for comfort during a prolonged power outage. While it can be used during other times, days of candlelight, darkness, cold showers and inconvenience have prompted many homeowners to consider adding solar water collectors to their home improvement lists once storm clean-up begins.

Installing a Pool
A swimming pool in the back yard is one way for people to relax and sooth their sore muscles. It is also a practical and fun way for kids to get exercise. A solar pool heater will make the swimming season longer and encourage use of the pool even on chilly days. They are especially useful for pool parties, early morning workouts and evening swims.

Replacing a Water Heater
When the home's water heater needs to be replaced, many consumers find that much has changed since their last purchase. Energy efficient models come in many forms, including solar. They use less water and are ready almost instantly, which saves money on power bills.

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