5 Steps to Finding a Liner Leak and Fixing It  

by Pool Builders on 01-26-2013 in Articles

1. First, find wetness around the pool somewhere. If the liner is leaking then it is leaking 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, preventing the water that is coming out from the pool to dry out. Therefore, there MUST be wetness somewhere around the pool. Walk around the pool and look for a wet spot next to the pool's wall. Sometimes this means you must get under the deck to do this.
2. Once you find the wetness, then this is the area where the pool is leaking. Keep in mind that water will flow to the lowest spot, so catching this wetness in its early stages will help you determine where the wetness started at. Put on your bathing suit, get your goggles, a pencil, a patch kit, and hop in the water.
3. Make sure that the floor of the pool is vacuumed before you start looking for the hole. Most of the time you will be looking for what will appear to be a small black dot and if the pool floor is covered with debris, then finding the hole will be that much more difficult.
4. Put on your goggles and swim under the water to the area where you found the wetness. Look for what will appear to be a black dot on the liner. Once you find it try to wipe it off the liner. If it does not wipe off then it is either a stain or a hole. Take your pencil and gently try to place the point of the pencil though the black dot. If it does not go through the dot, then it is a stain and move on and try to find another one. If it does go through the black dot, then you have found your hole.
5. Cut the vinyl that comes in your patch in a circle pattern (if you cut a square the chemical reaction of the glue will cause the corners to curl up). Place some glue on the patch. A chemical reaction will quickly start to curl the patch. As quickly as possible lay the patch on top of the hole and come up for air and place your foot on the patch and stand there for a minute or two. The patch should bond fairly quickly. (the glue that comes in a patch kit is designed to be used underwater and draining the pool is not necessary)

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