5 Things To Remember When Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer

by Pool Builders on 08-31-2010 in Articles

It's too easy to let the pool slip your mind when the winter months have you in their cold grip. Your pool supplies and other equipment can get the pool up and running perfectly in no time. Here's 5 things to remember when re-opening your pool for summer:

Stocking up - chemicals, supplies, etc.

This is a quick way to make sure your pool's going to be great all season:

Check what's left in your current stocks of supplies.

Anything looking tacky or out of date, throw it out. (You need chemicals that will definitely do the job, before you get in the pool.)

Buy a spare for each chemical. (This takes care of spills, packets of things getting lost, etc. and makes sure you won't run out instantly.)

Remember to look around the pool shop while getting your pool supplies. The natural shopper's tendency to forget at least half things you need can be pretty irritating.

Inspect your pool for cracks and damage

These checks are absolutely essential. Cracks can wreck pools very effectively, and cost you a lot in mysteriously vanishing pool water. Patiently check the whole pool for any signs of stress, atypical condition, or anything suspicious.

If you see anything at all which looks wrong, even if it seems trivial, check to see how deep the damage is. Hairline cracks are not necessarily harmless. They can be the beginning of real problems. The corrective work isn't expensive, and can avoid the truly major costs likely if the cracks escalate.

Please note: Cracks and leaks can be extremely destructive to houses, as well as pools. Several thousand litres of water under your house can do horrific damage. Anything resembling a crack should be checked out professionally.

Get out all those leaves and debris!

Pool contaminators like leaves and other materials must be removed before you even consider filling the pool.

If at all possible, try to have a regular cleaning routine for these things, and you'll save yourself a lot of time in cleaning the pool. A pool cover is an excellent labour saver, making it very easy to clean up and not allowing contaminants to enter the pool itself.

Checking and cleaning your filter and heater.

Your filter and heater should be clean, with no gunk in the filters, and operate without any mysterious sounds, smells or needing to take extra hours to do what they normally do. (Turn off any electricals which are acting unusually, immediately. Get a licensed electrician to check the systems.)

Any performance problems mean something needs replacing. This is no big deal in terms of installation, and it's a very good idea not to risk swimming in a pool if you're not sure these vital pieces of equipment are functioning properly.

Shocking your pool into life again.

"Shocking" is a very stringent, high powered cleaning operation which involves giving the pool an extremely thorough clean. Many pool experts swear by "shock treatment" as a great way to make absolutely sure that a pool has been fully cleaned and that water quality is up to the proper standard.

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