5 Things to know when buying an above-ground swimming pool  

by Pool Builders on 12-17-2009 in Articles

Buying an above ground pool [http://www.krevwinpools.com/] is a great way to spend quality time with the family. It can be the perfect ingredient for a party or a refreshing break during the hot summer months. Swimming pools are an affordable home addition that can raise the value of your house by accentuating your outdoor living space. Think about how much money you can save just by buying an above-ground swimming pool. No more costly trips to community pools, water parks, etc. By adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you can enjoy all the fun with family and friends - without breaking the bank.

1. Pool liners: Pool liners are liners that are placed inside the pool to protect the ground. Pool liners help to hold the water inside the pool, as well as keep the water from spilling over top of the sides. They are a protective measure in pool safety and help to keep your swimming pool [http://www.krevwinpools.com/] intact. Pool liners can rip or tear over time, so be sure to check them every couple of months or after every season.

2. Cold seasons: When the colder weather sets in, you should be ready to shut down your swimming pool. You will need to properly drain the swimming pool of any water and buy a swimming pool cover that will protect it from the outdoor elements (like snow, rain, debris) Leaving your pool filled with water during the cold winter months can cause freezing and cracks in the pool's structure when the temperature rises.

3. Water options: If you are constantly draining the pool's water due to where you live, you may need to buy fresh water as an addition to your pool water. If you're installing an above-ground pool for the 1st time, you'll need to add some fresh water to the mix. Maintain the appropriate water levels for safety measures.

4. Pool accessories: When purchasing a swimming pool, make sure to think about entrance/exit pool accessories such as a ladder, deck or patio. Pool accessories can add convenience and accessibility every time you want to take a swim.

5. Cleaning: Cleaning your swimming pool is of utmost importance. You need to make sure that pool chemicals are adequate, water levels are maintained and the PH balance is at the correct level for your swimming pool. Proper swimming pool cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your pool and prevent bacteria from growing.

Buying a swimming pool can add great joy and satisfaction for the whole family. Now that you've gotten some valuable tips on what to consider when buying a swimming pool, you can have a wonderful backyard activity that's truly refreshing!

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