5 Tips That Will Help You Avoid A Costly Pool Repair Bill  

by Pool Builders on 02-08-2012 in Articles

A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have on an Arizona mid-summer day. Care for it properly, and yours should last you for many summers. Avoid those sometimes pesky pool chores and you may be in for a costly pool repair bill.

A backyard swimming pool is a significant investment. Just like a car (which is also a major investment) it requires upkeep. Also like your car, if you fail to do the small maintenance, you'll be setting yourself up for possible disaster.

Regularly performing even the smallest of routine chores will keep your pool repair costs at a minimum. Five of the most critical chores that will keep you from having to make an expensive pool repair are:

1) Skim your pool daily during swimming season. It often seems like a pain. It's a tempting task to skip if it seems like there isn't much debris in the water.

However, it's just like some of those other unpleasant household chores. If you put it off, you can quickly end up with a problem that's out of control. Skim each time you swim to help prevent a pool repair.

Your system's parts, especially your filter and pump, will last longer if debris doesn't get in. It will also save you the trouble of doing bigger jobs more frequently, like backwashing your filter.

2) Inspect your pump regularly. Your pump is one of your pool's most expensive components. It's also the part that has the most potential to lead to a major pool repair.

Depending on your style and brand, it represents at least a few hundred dollars. Some run into the thousands. So it's worth taking care of your pump so that it will last longer.

Priming problems are common with pumps. Other common problems include pumps sucking in air, leaking water, or making abnormal noises when running.

Regularly inspecting your pump can help you avoid these problems altogether. Check for clogs, which can damage your pump. Look for leaks and fix them before they make a total pump replacement (and a big pool repair bill) necessary.

Refer to your pump's maintenance manual. It will contain recommendations for maintaining your particular type of pump. Following those guidelines can extend your pump's life for years.

3) Backwash your filter as needed. Most filters contain sand. The sand traps particles and contaminants that go through your system. It prevents them from entering back into the swimming water.

With time, the filter becomes too full of debris. When this occurs, your pressure will rise because too little water is flowing through.

Backwashing helps to clean the sand and get your water flowing properly again. Check your pressure gauge regularly. It's time to backwash when it's between eight and ten pounds above what is normal for your system. Failing to do this can cause problems with your filter or your pump which may require a pricey pool repair.

4) Check your water level. You can do this when you skim the water. You should be able to tell with just a glance whether the surface is falling below your skimmer. If this happens, your pump may become damaged.

If your water line is getting too low, take a few minutes to add water with your hose. Be sure to test the water's chemical balance after you add water. You may need to add chemicals, especially if you have to add a lot of water.

5) Test your chemical balance regularly. You should be doing this about once a week during regular swimming season. It only takes a few minutes. Spending this little bit of time will prevent all kind of potential problems and maybe even a major pool repair.

Your water's PH balance should be between 7.2 and 7.8. This is the ideal balance to ensure that your sanitizer is performing optimally. It will help prevent excess chloramine from forming and keep algae from blooming.

If you contract with a pool service, many of these chores will be taken care of for you. They will be able to catch potential breakdowns and damage before they become a pool repair issue.

What if you don't use a pool service or your package isn't a weekly one? Make sure you attend to these tasks yourself. You may also want to consider calling in a technician once or twice during the swimming season. It's considerably less expensive than getting stuck with a big pool repair bill because you missed something.

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