5 Tips for Swimming in Open Water

by Pool Builders on 01-25-2011 in Articles

There are many challenges for triathletes when it come to swimming in open water. Here are five tips to remember for your next triathlon training session or race:

1. Practice swimming in a pool with crowded lanes. Find some workout buddies who are willing to practice this, because the crowded beginning of a triathlon swim can be panic-inducing to swimmers not used to the crowded aspect. The more comfortable you are with a crowded swim, the more likely you are to stay calm on race day.

2. Make sure you practice swimming in open water with your goggles. What works well in the pool often doesn't provide enough visibility on race day, and you want to be able to see as much as possible in the ocean, river, or lake. Practice ahead of time and make sure your goggles work both in open water and in the pool so you have no surprises on race day.

3. Work on high elbow recovery. If your elbows are high enough, they won't be affected as much by chop and waves on race day, and your stroke won't be as affected.

4. When you start your race, stay to the outside to avoid that chaotic start. Focus more on finding your own water and don't worry about the extra work it might take you to get to the first buoy. You'll use less energy fighting the crowd and recovering from physical contact!

5. Use landmarks instead of buoys for sighting, since water conditions on race day might make it difficult to see buoys from farther away, and landmarks like houses, docked or anchored boats, and hotels near the water will be more visible and will help you keep on track.

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