5 Tips on Choosing Private Villas With Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-25-2014 in Articles

If you are planning to take your family to a pool villa this summer during your vacation, you need to look around really hard because these popular villas are what everyone wants now. Luxury and opulence can never be far away from you if you're looking for the right sized pool villa on one of the nicer beaches of the world. Just choose your destination and then zero in on the pool villas there. One click and you've booked your own private space for a few days.

You're going to love it and so will the family, and for many good reasons too. What are they? Well, here they are for you:

Luxury all around you: You've worked really hard all year, you need to unwind and spend a little on yourself and your family. So, why not enjoy modern conveniences in plush surroundings--just what you've been dreaming of. Here, you can eat and drink what you want, when and where you want; after all, the villa is yours to enjoy. Enjoy the silence, the food, the beauty, and the sound of the waves.

Your very own swimming pool: You rented a pool villa, so obviously there's a swimming pool too. You can start the day with a luxurious splash in the pool while the sun comes up and have another enjoyable swim in the evening. Besides, your small children will need supervision in the pool, so it's nice to have one exclusively for yourselves, even after taking the hygiene and safety aspects into consideration. In the evening, have a poolside drink before dinner and watch the stars fill the sky.

If, on the other hand, it's just you and your wife holidaying at the villa you may like to have a candlelight dinner by the pool. Don't worry about the arrangements, as the staff of the villa will do everything for you - the food, wine, music, etc. - just so that you enjoy yourselves.

Plush villa and more: When you rent a pool villa, you could choose a two-bedroom villa or a one-bedroom villa. Each bedroom comes with a fan, air-conditioner and all modern amenities such as TV, etc. Some villa owners will also throw in a complimentary airport pick-up and drop-off facility for you. It's a very nice feeling to find someone waiting to pick you up in a strange place and take you straight to the villa.

Cooking - home style or gourmet? Usually, pool villas allow you to do your own catering. So, you eat what you want, when you want. You can cook in the large, ultra-modern, fully equipped kitchen. There's one more facility here: you can also get gourmet dishes catered for you by the villa staff.

What's on offer for the kids? Find out what your children can do to while away their time. Ask if there's a tennis court, TV, laptop with Wi-Fi connection and a DVD player. If you've got a baby, ensure that there's a crib and a high chair.

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