5 Tips to Help You to Swim Strong For Triathlon

by Pool Builders on 08-20-2008 in Articles

The swim. Some Love it, some hate it. I say, if its hard your doing it wrong. You can swim all you desire but if you have poor technique you will find little if any improvement and will struggle way more than needed.

Technique can make things way easier and make you go faster. Here are some triathlon coaching swim tips.

1) Swim Like a swimmer. That means you need to swim with swimmers. If you can find I good masters swim program you will learn many tricks of the trade. It is also key to surround your self with people who are ware you want to be. You can then hold your self to a higher standard and learn what makes these athletes go faster.

2) Develop a kick. I can't tell you how many times I have herd athletes saying, "I don't need a kick I'm a triathlete." I challenge you to ask these people when is the last time they came first out of the water in a race.

Many confuse low beat kicking for no kicking. Even if a top swimmer in a race has a low beat kick they still are creating good propulsion from it.

A strong swimmer often has a strong kick. Develop one its key. Kick from the hips and minimize knee flextion. Do kick specific sets every swim session

3) Keep your head down. Many triathletes like to look forward while they swim. This puts stress on you neck and will slow you down. Look down at the pool floor or into the open water below you. This will keep your head in a legit position.

4) Keep you hand and fore arm as one. Imagine from you middle finger to your elbow is a metal rod. Thus you have no wrist or finger flextion. This will help you grip the water better. A good drill for this is swimming with your hands in a fist. This will teach you how to grip the water with your fore arms.

5) Get on a Vasa swim trainer. These machines are excellent. They will really teach you how to grip the water well. Be sure when using them to concentrate on looking down and keeping a high elbow. Also be sure to follow all the way through on your stroke.

Keeping a bent elbow will enable you to be more efficient in the water while expending less energy.

None of this will come over night it takes time as your body learns how to adapt to these new neural path ways of movement. The great thing about triathlon is it rewards persistent training over time. If you are committed to improving your swim it will come.

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