6 Appreciable Facts About Pool Billing Software That Ensures Accurate Billing For The Customers  

by Pool Builders on 08-07-2014 in Articles

Operating a pool care service is really a wonderful way for development of strong business income, particularly during the warmer summer months or in such areas which allow persons to swim year-round. Even in colder climates, it is feasible to continue making a handsome profit with a pool care service by assisting those customers who have indoor swimming pools and proffering services and products to customers who like to winterize and maintain their swimming pools.

Pool service billing software is an important part of running a successful business since it frees up valuable time for focusing on proffering better customer service or getting new ways for marketing the pool care business. It is much simpler and easier to quickly bill customers for services rendered and then come back to the process of growing the business so that extra profits can be earned. Augmenting the customer base is not a simple and easy task, irrespective of the kind of business. This software is easy to install and user-friendly and makes your work simple. This software is designed using cloud billing program. There are some appreciable facts about pool billing software, which makes sure accurate billing for the customers. They are as follows:

1. It is very simple and user friendly.

2. Quite contrary to many software, there are no complex menus with options, which must be set.

3. It does not require any set up or installation.

4. One can conveniently add new customers in just one minute each.

5. When it is time to bill customers each month, you need not do each customer personally. It automatically bills all your customers immediately. You simply need to click to generate PDF and then print all your bills with just one click.

6. When you buy EZ Pool Biller, you will be provided a username and password. Then, you will go to ezpoolbiller.com and click €sign in' in the top right corner. Its next screen will ask for your username and password. You need to type them in. Thereafter, you will need to abide by the terms of use by simply clicking €I Agree'. Now, you are in the program and can start to work at once.

So, these were six appreciable facts about pool billing software, which makes sure accurate billing for the customers. Go through this article with an apt attention so that you understand each and every thing about it.

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