6 Pool Accessories You Need

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2014 in Articles

A well-maintained pool provides a perfect place for the family to enjoy hours of fun and a place to exercise. But maintaining the swimming pool means having the proper accessories in place. Here are several of the must-have accessories to help with keeping on top of the regular maintenance work:

Antifreeze - Antifreeze is a must-have product for those living in areas that might experience cold spells. If planning on draining the in-ground pool at the end of the season, antifreeze added to the pipe work and pump system is certain to help prevent damage in the ice-cold conditions.

Clarifier - A clarifier is helpful for cleaning all-types of dirt and debris when it comes to opening the pool at the start of the season. A clarifier solution added to the pool helps to coagulate oil, dirt and similar debris, which makes it a lot easier to scoop out of the water.

Steps or Ladders - A swimming pool needs to include a sufficient number of pool ladders or steps to let everyone in the family get in and out of the pool with ease. Both of these products come in a range of designs and sizes to match all types of in-ground and above ground pools.

Shock treatment - A shock treatment is necessary to help with maintaining the cleanliness of the pool water. This chemical treatment is used in conjunction with chlorine or similar chemical solutions. Shocking the pool water is effective at breaking down compounds known as chloramines, which are contaminants like hair spray, make-up, sweat, etc combined with chlorine.

Pool cover - A significant accessory includes the winter pool cover. Pool covers vary from the basic tarp which is man handled into place to the automatic systems which operate mechanically at the press of a button. These covers are vital for keeping the pool clear of debris like leaves, twigs, insects, or similar throughout the winter period when the pool isn't in use. Besides the winter cover, there are the safety pool covers. They are a practical choice for use anytime of the year to prevent small children or family pets drowning. They are designed to support the weight of a child and this stops them falling into the water.

Skimmer - A pool skimmer is a simple tool to help with keeping the water clear of floating objects. They appear much like a butterfly net and long pole. An everyday tool like the skimmer is perfect for removing bugs, leaves, or similar objects on the surface of the pool water.

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