6 Steps To Cleaning A Green Swimming Pool  

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How to Clean a Green Pool / Kill Algae / See The Bottom of Your Pool in 3 hours - 4 days, Super clarity in a week
Ok, so you have a crazy swamp forming and or heavy algae all over the place. Maybe you are just opening the pool for the season, or maybe you have been doing battle for weeks or months, and you can not get the dam thing clear? If you can still see the bottom of your pool it will help, if not, it still is not that bad.
You may have spent a small fortune on clarifier and algaecides, and brought your water to be analyzed by the so called pro's. I am going to tell you the straight truth

Note: Throw out test strips, and only use a chemical test kit. For ten dollars you can buy one that does Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, and Hardness. Now test the water!
Note: Read the bottles of all chemicals, mixing certain pool chemicals can be dangerous!

  1. Over fill the pool, go right to the top edge of the skimmer, but no higher.
  2. Now balance the PH, do what you have to: use ph increase (recommend Namco's ABC product) or ph Decrease to get proper ph balance.
  3. Shut the pool off for 24 hours! Yeah stop running it, your mixing the dirt into the water. Please for the love of all things good, let the crap settle to the bottom.
  4. Do not stir the pool by brushing the bottom or the sides! Do not stir the stuff on the bottom anymore than you have to.
  5. Before you can complete my process, you have to know one simple truth. How much stuff is on the bottom of that pool. Take your longest pole and put on a leaf net / bag. Now slowly drag the deepest part of your pool, very slowly. If you have a lot of leave on the bottom, you may want to drag that leaf net blindly until you get most of them up. This will stir a ton of dirt and algae into the water, but if you skip this step you may have to stop vacuuming every 2 minutes to clear the leaves from the pump basket. If you have to pull a ton of leaves and debris, let the pool sit for 2 days before continuing.
  6. Ok, not to many leaves? Good! Or, Holy Cow I think i got most of them out and waited 48 hours? Proceed to next phase of the plan.
Here is the plan via the scorch the earth I don't care about the environment, I want a clean pool.
Balance Ph! Do this before adding anything else! Now Dump in five gallons of liquid shock (don't use powder) per 15 thousand gallons of pool water, do not dump it all in one spot, walk around the pool slowly and carefully pouring it in (I assume you are
aware of all safety precautions and are wearing all necessary
protections). I don't use any precautions but, I know what the hell I
am doing. hint: chlorine will bleach your shoes and clothes, or burn your eyes out! (be smart)
  1. Now the most important part! Vacuum the pool very slowly, but not to slowly, move just fast enough so you are not stirring the crap into the water (do not use a robot!). here's the trick though, vacuum straight to waste, or with the bottom filer drain open and the pool return lines closed! This way, all the crap we let settle to the bottom is sucked straight out of the pool, along with a large load of chlorine we added. Start in the shallow end where visibility is likely better, and be time you get to the deep end you may be able to see better. You should be done vacuuming by the time the water level reaches 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the skimmer. Count on losing a lot of water, and run the hose into the pool while vacuuming.
  2. Now circulate pool water through the filter and keep filter media clean (media = sand, DE, or cartridge), maintain high chlorine level and maintain ph balance till clear.

When I show up on the job, I have already asked the home owner to over
fill their pool and leave it off for a day or two. I bring my own pump, vacuum accessories, ph adjusters, and a large load of chlorine. I can usually see the bottom before I leave, if not I will follow up the next day with more chlorine. The pool will not be swim-able for about 3-7 days (to much chlorine). But the suckers clear. Keep in mind it is really difficult to over chlorinate a pool, but if you keep it that way for to long you run the risk of bleaching your pool liner a bit. If you are not clear with in a day or two, you my friend have a filter issue!
Here is the plan while "not" scorching the earth. (Green Pool
Cleaning Method)

  1. Do everything the same except, put the chlorine in after the vacuuming. This is the way I like to do it, it takes the pool 2-3 hours longer to clear, making the vacuuming a little tougher, because you can't see what your doing as well as you could have come the second hour of vacuuming.

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