6 Things to Consider Before Buying A Backyard Pool  

by Pool Builders on 02-05-2013 in Articles

When deciding on what type of pool to install in the back yard, homeowners sometimes struggle between inground and above-ground choices. Choosing the right size that fits the terrain, family needs and space available is part of the excitement of getting a pool. Homeowners should determine their budget, space available and interest in using it before deciding on what model to buy.

Maintenance Supplies
Regular maintenance is required in order to have clean water and a healthy experience. This means keeping the pool's chemical balance in check, as well as using a pool filter and skimmer to trap debris. The pool should be in close proximity to a water source and have electrical access for pumping. A solar cover helps to keep water warmer longer in cooler climates. An automatic pool cleaner can be used to make routine maintenance easier.

Using extra lighting at night helps to create more radiant pools with an entertaining atmosphere. Interior light balls and exterior colored lights hung in the yard are popular for parties and evening swims. Homeowners might also consider installing outside security lights for safety and as a deterrent to uninvited animals and people.

Size is determined by the number of people likely to use it regularly at the same time, the amount of swimming and exercise space needed and the space available. Discovering the exact location of underground wiring, pipes and roots are important for trouble-free installation and placement. Pool widths can range from 18 to 33 feet wide and about four-and-a-half feet high.

Round and oval pools are easier to install in an area than square or rectangular shapes because the softer angles make the proportions of open space around them less pronounced, so they can be placed nearly anywhere space allows. Keeping them clean is also easier, as dirt and debris may get trapped in angular corners, but not on round surfaces.

Installation Depth
Some backyard pools are more versatile than others. Some brands can be installed above ground, semi-inground or inground. Differences are determined by the amount of soil that must be removed from the property, placement of underground pipes and fixtures, backyard slope and personal preference.

Pools have both therapeutic and entertaining properties. Those nursing sore muscles and recovering from orthopedic injuries benefit from buoyancy and weightlessness in the water. Water aerobics, swimming laps and playing water games are all forms of exercise that can help swimmers feel healthier and stay fit.

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