6 Tips For Writing Better How-to Articles & eBooks   

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2007 in Articles

Writing how-to books and articles can be fun and very profitable. But, for your book or article to be a winner and have a chance of sales success, you need to follow a few important guidelines.

Here are a few tips to help you write a winning how-to-do-it book or article:

1. Give your book or article an interesting easily understood title.

Your title should explain in simple terms what your book is about. As an example, which of the following article titles is more interesting:

"Entertaining Children"


"How To Have Fun And Earn Thousands As A Part-time Children's Party Entertainer."

Make your title interesting, inviting, and attention grabbing. (By the way, I was a childrens entertainer at one time, till the little rascals sent my blood pressure through the roof!)

2. Explain how to solve problems, and offer helpful solutions.

Why do people buy how-to-do-it books? The majority of people buy how-to books to either solve a problem, avoid a problem, or learn how to do something.

A few years back I had a problem with a leaking swimming pool. The pool companies in the Yellow Pages wanted $400-$600 to find and repair the leak. A quick search on the Internet found a $20 how-to ebook titled, How To Find And Repair The Leak In Your Swimming Pool.

This twenty-nine-page ebook was exactly what I was looking for. It explained how to find and fix the leak in my pool. It was written in simple everyday language that any pool owner could understand. The author was a pool contractor by day, and a internet publisher by night.

3. Write the way you talk. Conversationally.

Write like you talk in normal conversation. You're not writing a college thesis. You're not trying to impress your professors with big $2 words as I call them. You're writing a how-to-do-it book for people just like yourself. If you want to impress your reader, just be yourself. Be friendly, be honest, and make them laugh if possible. Your readers will love you for your honesty.

4. Give detailed specific how-to-do-it instructions.

You wouldn't believe how many how-to books I've bought that managed to leave out necessary and important how-to steps. You must explain everything in easy-to-understand step-by-step detail.

That's why they're called how-to-do-it books. Tell me HOW to do it. Assume your reader knows absolutely nothing about the topic of your book or article.

5. Use real-life personal examples when possible.

This is very important. Real-life examples give a book life and personality. When possible, use yourself in the examples. Include personal stories, good and bad experiences, and life-lessons. All these make for entertaining and interesting reading.

6. Keep paragraphs and sentences short.

This is one area I have to be constantly be on guard against. Try to keep all paragraphs four sentences or less.

I hope these ideas help you. Over the years I've learned anyone can write a great little how-to book or article. In fact, YOU have a great little book inside you right at this minute just waiting to get out.

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